My frugal hair

I have been very focused on looking at the spending I can restrict or cut out but that doesn’t mean I have been a total spender all those years. I do have some frugal habits, one of them is how I care about my hair.

First I’ll give you some typical expenses related to hair care in Norway:                                - a haircut with shampoo and blow dry: typically US$200-250 (US$300-400 with single process color)                                                                                                                          - conditioner and shampoo from a salon brand: typically US$80 for shampoo and conditioner (for a brand like Redken, KMS California etc…)                                                    - styling product: typically US$40 for a medium/high quality product

Well as you understand, caring for your hair in Norway is pricy (like most stuff here…) and there is a lot of money to save on this.

So now let’s go over to my frugal hair care habits:                                                                  - I don’t go to the hairdresser at all, I cut my own hair (only ends). Most hairdressers can’t handle curly hair anyway so why pay to be disappointed?                                                      - I don’t color my hair at all                                                                                                       - I never buy hair care products in Norway (too expensive!) but buy everything from

Reading this you probably understand that I like to keep my curly hair natural, no fake color, no straightening etc… I actually follow the Curly Girl method and it  does wonders for my hair. After I started, my hair texture got so much better that I don’t need all the fuss anymore. Basically the method is that you stop using regular shampoo and conditioner because they all contain sulfates (which strips your hair from its natural oils), silicones (which only coat your hair without giving moisture) etc.. And you start using natural conditioners functionning both as shampoo and conditioner. This method is really ideal for curly hair! Not convinced? Have a look here or here.

Using the Curly girl method and not going to the hairdresser makes me save I think at least around US$1500 a year. I also sometimes make my own hair care products: I made some meringue yesterday so I had many egg yolks left and used them for making my own conditioner. It’s a bit messy in the shower but my hair loved it!

PS: If you go to and want to buy something there, please use the code DIK735 when checking out and save $US5 from your first purchase. They ship worldwide and the shipping cost is very low.

9 thoughts on “My frugal hair

  1. I only shampoo about once a week, and I do find that my hair is more manageable this way (it’s not really curly, just kind of wavy). Good for you saving so much money! That’s crazy how expensive products are in Norway!

    • Yes, basically everything spa and beauty products cost a lot here, and well most other stuff too… ;-)
      As for shampooing I so agree. We are brainwashed to shampoo our hair several times a week but it is really bad for your hair… My hair is still recovering from the harsh treatment I used to subject it to but at least I can see that it is getting better and better after I started the curly girl method.

  2. Brutal! My hair is so low maintenance it’s not even funny… lol! I keep it long & straight, and splurge on organic shampoo. A $10 bottle every two months about… this being said, I am in dire need of a trim. My dead ends have to go!

    • Wow that is what I call low maintenance! Because I follow the Curly Girl method I need tons of organic herbal conditioner. I buy it on Iherb so it is cheap compared to prices here but still I guess it cost me about US$10-15 a month :-)

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  4. Hmmm… love the frugal but am not crazy about this method. For two reasons: 1 – I don’t think it’s super healthy to leave conditioner in your hair on an ongoing basis and 2 – I don’t really like the über-defined curly look. It looks so processed to me.

    Here’s what I do:

    I freshen up the curls with a spray bottle of water, sometimes a touch of almond oil to lose the frizz. Doesn’t get more frugal.

    Just my two cents – more power to y’all, tho.

  5. I wonder where you cut your hair? I live in Norway, and I usually pay 100 USD for a haircut w/ styling and wash.

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