7 Tips to Help You When Shopping For the Best Car Charger

best car charger

A phone is an important device but only while charged. It is, therefore, necessary to have means of charging it while traveling for long or short distances. Either way, you don’t want to risk a drained phone. Fortunately, you can find yourself a super mini car charger that you can rely on.

However, you can’t order the best car charger that will fit your needs without identifying what you need and how you want it to accomplish your needs. Here is a list that will aid you in choosing a mini USB car charger.

  • The Number Of USB Ports

A car USB charger should have enough ports. If your family consists of three members, consider a car charger with two port to avoid waiting for long before all the phones are charged.

  • Replaceable charging cable

Charging cable spoil more often as compared to the charger. Consider buying a charger with a separate cord so that when the cable spoils, you can replace the cable alone. A charger that is permanently connected to a cable means you will have to replace the whole charger when the cable spoils.

  • Amp Output

If you want to leave out any factor, it shouldn’t be this. Amp output determines how fast your phone charges. The best USB car charger should have 2.1 Amps per port. Usually, Android phones require 1Amp to charge, but an iPad and tablet might need higher Amps. The best car charger should have a high voltage, which means it can charge your phone quickly. Output voltage should be a minimum of 5V.

  • Read Reviews
best car charger reviews

Anyone who has used the best car charger will leave a review about the device on the site from which they bought the device. A review is an honest comment made by a previous buyer. Check on all the comments concerning the overall quality of the car fast charger from the online store.

  • durability

Purchasing a charger that will require you to revisit the store for the same product after a short usage period is a waste of time and money. Put into consideration the quality of the charger and after that, the durability of the micro USB car charger.

  • Compatibility

The charger should be compatible with your car. Additionally, choose a charger depending on the type of phone you own. If you are using an iPhone choose best car charger for iPhone.

  • Safety For Both Your Gadget And The Charger

Ensure that quality control bodies have approved the car charger you are purchasing. The charger shouldn’t overheat between the time it is plugged in, and before 48 hours are over. Also, choose a car charger that prevents further charging once your phone is fully charged. This will ensure your devices’ life remains optimal.

Take Away The beauty of a car charger shouldn’t compromise the quality and functionality of the charger. On the contrary, it should be accompanied by the attributes discussed above.


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