My bookshelf problem


Here is my giant messy bookshelf!


To make a long story short, I have always loved my books! They were the most important thing for me to bring when I moved from France to Norway, I think I brought something like 200 books with me at that time. ;-)

My problem is I just don’t know where to start decluttering it. Most books are fiction in french, english or norwegian. I also have tons of self help books, art books, poetry, history etc… I feel it’s gonna take me ages to go through my bookshelf and remove books I don’t want anymore. I am not sure I will manage to get rid of any book at all… I also don’t have a clue how I should sort the books I want to keep, alphabetically by author? by language?… I will definitely separate fiction and non fiction but apart from that I really don’t know…


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