Nespresso capsules are never cheap


I have a Nespresso machine, which is totally not a frugal way of making coffee by the way but for now that’s what I have.

The other day I went to the Nespresso store to buy some capsules, here in Norway it costs around NOK 35 – 40 (US$ 6-7) for a pack of 10 capsules.

I queued at the shop for a while and got to notice they had 3-packs of capsules in baskets everywhere in the shop.

When it finally got to be my turn I asked the lady at the cashier desk about them:

Me: How much do I save by buying the three pack?
Nespresso lady: You save 0.80 NOK (US$ 0.12)
Me: What?! you said 0.80?
Nespresso lady: Yes, 0.80.
Me: Hahahaha (sorry, I know it’s not the lady’s fault but I couldn’t help it)

It’s so ridiculous! They have those 3-packs lying all around the shop giving you the impression that you will save money by buying them and all you save is peanuts?! I was so annoyed at them I nearly felt like not buying anything and walk away. I felt fooled.

Do you always check how much you save by buying food in bulk or bigger packs? Ever felt fooled?


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