Are Your Human Hair Wigs Long-lasting?


Wigs are commonplace right now. Not just that, but they are so ingrained into our sense of fashion that they are now very much in style. There are a lot of human hair wigs, and they all come in different varieties, usually based on specific things that they are made from; the trend has shifted from synthetic hair to animal hair and now human hair (the most popular type of hair).

Examples of Human Hair Wigs

Wigs made from human hair are quite variable. Even though they are all gotten from humans, they vary in features and characteristics based on where they are gotten from, or who obtained them.

Since manufacturers get hair from different sources, you cannot expect it to be the same; many of these hair types are differentiated based on their country of origin since you can find similar characteristics in the same region. Here are some of them:

Brazilian Hair Wigs

Wigs made from Brazilian hair are very sought after, as you must have already known. This type of human hair is one of the most popular types in the past decade because of its quality. Brazilian hair, like its name implies, is sourced straight from the Eastern part of South America.

Human hair from Brazil is robust and durable, and a very distinct soft feel characterizes it. You can style it over your natural hair, and it has an excellent anti-tangling ability which helps it last for even longer. The natural hair color is black, but you can still bleach it to suit whatever preference you may have.

Peruvian Hair

You can commonly refer to this type of hair as hybrid hair or multipurpose hair. That is because it combines both the features of Brazilian hair and the Malaysian hair wigs.

Malaysian Hair

Unlike the other two types, you can’t get this type of hair from South America. It is obtained from Malaysia and is not as soft as Brazilian hair. However, you should know that its coarse feature is why most people look for it; that is not the only feature it boasts of, though. It is also gleaming.


As noticeable form the explanations above, the most common feature between most of the types of hair listed above is how durable they all are.

A majority of good and quality hair types tend to last for a long time since they are human hair. They can also be recycled and treated. Since they are natural resources, this adds to their price.

They may seem a bit more on the expensive side of the spectrum, but they are very much worth the price you get them for; they last for more extended periods when adequately treated and taken care of properly.


Human hair wigs are pretty durable, and it is always a good investment to buy a good wig because the quality will speak for itself. So make sure that whatever you decide to get for yourself should be from a verifiable source.

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