Attaching A Hose To A Retractable Hose Reel


A retractable garden hose reel is the most common type of hose reel on the market. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to use and quite convenient. In addition to this, this product is a great way to upgrade the appearance and safety of your garden or yard. This is because of its appealing design and the fact that it helps prevent tripping accidents. It also helps with the maintenance of your garden hose reel. Garden hose reels and hoses go hand in hand. Therefore, in this article, we look at how to attach a garden hose to this type of hose reel.

How to attach a hose on a retractable hose reel

As mentioned earlier, the role of a hose reel is to store the hose. This means that the hose has to be on the reel. Below is a guide on how to attach the hose to this type of hose reel;

1. Feeding the hose

The first step of the process is feeding the hose to the hose reel. This is usually done through the guide opening. All you have to do is take the female end connector of the hardened hose and carefully insert it through the opening. The female end is the one with a concave flare, while the male end is the one with a convex fit. Most garden hose brands usually mark both ends. Therefore, it should be easy to tear them apart. It is worth mentioning that you must ensure the hose is stretched out before you feed it through the opening. This will make the process more effortless.

2. Tighten the fitting

After feeding the hose, the next step is tightening it. Here, you will use a pair of pliers. The role of this step is to ensure that the connection is leak-free. You must be careful not to overdo the tightening as it could damage the hose by stripping out its threads or breaking its plastic components.

3. Roll the hose on the drum

The drum is the component of the hose reel onto which the hose is wound. Therefore, after tightening the connection, the next step is to wind the hose onto the drum. It would help if you had someone holding the hose lightly as you wind it onto the reel. This will ensure the hose is neatly rolled onto the hose reel.

4. Attach the hose to the water source

It would help if you created a large loop to attach the hose. Doing this will prevent any kinks when you connect the hose to the water hose. When attaching the hose to the water hose or faucet, all you have to do is connect the short feeder hose to the tap. The feeder is the part of the hose the exits the reel. Note, to ensure this process is effortless; the reel should be installed close to the water faucet.


Note that the method of attaching a garden hose to a hose reel usually differs based on the type of hose reel in question. For instance, the manner you use for a portable hose reel may differ from the one you use for a stationary hose reel.


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