Best Options For Storing Knives


Kitchen knives are the type of utensils that require attention to maintenance to ensure durability. When you shop for kitchen knives, you always consider different materials that can suit your tasks. Even though the knives can offer the best cutlery services, you need to store them in the right conditions. Always consider your knife sets and knife blocks as delicate utilities and emphasize cleaning and storing them in safe conditions. The following are the knife storage solutions that you should implement in your kitchen to ensure decency, safety, durability, and effective performance.

Magnetic Knife Holders

A magnetic knife holder is important, especially when working in a busy kitchen. You will want to store the knives at a location that is easily accessible. Consider installing the magnetic knife holder on the wall that is close to your cutting or cooking position to hold the knives. These holders come in varieties varying in size, shape, and design. You need to evaluate your knives before purchasing to ensure you get the right fit for your kitchen. You can buy more than one so that the long knives are separated from the short ones for easy accessibility. You can also run the holders from end to end on the wall to save our storage spaces.

In Drawer Knife Holder

If you have your knives overloaded on the magnetic strips on your kitchen wall and others are kicking around, you can consider installing an in-drawer strip. You can use one of your drawer spaces to create room for your knives by installing a cork-lined box that can hold the knives intact to reduce the risk of injury. The knife dock will offer appropriate and safe storage for your knives. You need to ensure the knives are cleaned and dry to prevent them from corrosion.

Knife Bag

If you are a professional cook, you might need a knife bag to help you with your specific tasks. The bag will be helpful when you need to use the knives from one job to another. There is a wide variety of knife bags available, but you can opt for canvas-like synthetic material to ensure that your knives are maintained in the correct conditions. Additionally, the bags have extensions to keep the knives compact not to mix up when accessing them. The bag is suitable for chefs who love to travel with their specific knives to various occasions like Airbnb.

Blade Protectors

When you pack your knives either in the drawers or hang them on magnetic strips, they tend to roll up the rest and cause a risk of injury or other damages. The blades can also get dull because the knives are all kept in the same place without blade protectors. As such, you need to think of safety and opt for blade protectors to protect the delicate knives. This is important, especially when you carry the knives in a knife bag and when you have them dumped in the drawers. You can choose to purchase plastic or wooden protectors while keeping the size of your knives in mind.

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