What You Should Know Before Buying A Roof Top Tent

rooftop tent

As they made their entry into the world of outdoor fun, roof top tents gained mainstream popularity among Australian Outbackers. The tents are an efficient way to keep your body off the ground, safe from predators, as one explores what nature has to offer in various environments. Roof top tents also offer incredible convenience, coupled with fast setup times, making them a must-have item for any camper worth his salt. Setting up a roof top tent is as simple as attaching the cover to the storage rack of your vehicle; deploying it only involves unfolding the cover and extending a ladder to the ground. Given the ease with which you can deploy roof top tents, it should come as no surprise that you can camp anywhere: in rugged sites, jungles, and assorted camping sites. Let’s focus on important roof top tent prerequisites.

Why roof top tents are appealing

Australians were the first to find out about the joys of spending a warm summer night inside a sturdy roof top tent. Americans quickly picked up on the trend too in later years. However, for the Australians, it was more out of necessity than a fashion statement while out camping; they needed to avoid the insects and slithering creatures that call the ground their home.

In addition to this, there is something about pitching your tent on a car’s roof, high above everything and everyone else, that is appealing on an intensely masculine level. It is the need to dominate one’s surroundings coming through.

Factors to consider when buying roof top tents

  • Hardbody or soft shell

You can purchase a high-quality cover with either a hardbody or softshell material. Softshell tents are made of canvas, which maintains both the weight and cost at a reasonable level. However, you may prefer tents made of harder material, which offers better protection against the elements in conditions of thunderstorms and hail.

  • Weight of the cover

Some tents are superbly lightweight. Others are quite bulky and may put too much weight on your vehicle. You should make sure your automobile’s roof can handle the extra pressure exerted on it without sustaining damage. As an option, you can get yourself a custom-made aftermarket roof rack to take on the extra 100 pounds or so.

  • Budget

Money is, as always, the first consideration for many purchases that you will make throughout your life. With roof top tents, the cost is also a significant factor. You should go for an affordable cover that will not break your bank. At the same time, remember that the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is bound to take a hit; expect to pay more in gas money.

  • Mount position

The roof top tent designs coming off the production lines today cater to several mounting positions, including on racks behind the cab. This mount position does not affect the vehicle’s fuel consumption much, but it will eat up the bed space. A majority of such tents are designed to be installed on your vehicle’s roof rack.


Roof top tents are an amazing investment to make if you are the type to spend quality time in the outdoors. You can buy covers that match your specific requirements, including weight, mount position, and budget.


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