Relationships and money: Mine, Yours and Ours, why it works for us

I won’t hide that I had to learn couple finances the hard way. For some reason I have attracted spenders, seriously big spenders, guys who spend like there is no tomorrow and end every month...

Top Tips for Choosing a Roasting Pan

There are some essential items you need in your kitchen. A roasting pan is important cookware that ensures you enjoy hassle-free cooking for events and home dining. Therefore, there is a need to...

The Benefits of VPN Service

Did you know that the websites you visit will know where you are browsing from? Anytime you browse a certain site, they're able to know your IP address. Well, even worse someone can...
LED light

Advantages of LED parking lot lights over high-pressure sodium lamps

In any nighttime parking lot, a tremendously powerful source of light is required. The lighting should serve two purposes; it should provide illumination for the drivers maneuvering their cars onto the lot, and...
Lolita fashion shoes

Top 5 Lolita Fashion Shoes That You Can Wear

Though Lolita Japanese fashion draws thousands of people to the trend, it remains one of the most difficult looks to pull off. With a list of dos and don’ts to follow, being a...
lawn mower

The Ultimate Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Beautiful pristine lawns are one of the highlights of a well-maintained garden. Unfortunately, they do not just appear from thin air; it requires some form of effort on your part. One way of...

1 month of groceries: NOK 5977 / US$1030

Now that I have changed my spending habits and monitor my expenses very closely, I was able to check exactly how much we spent in groceries from Jan. 15th to Feb. 14th – that is...

Needs, wants and the gym

After reading many PF blogger’s strategies concerning their spending I have seen that there seem to be two types of people: those who go all out and restrict a lot only spending on needs and those who choose a...

How Discount Codes Lower Your Marketing Budget

Managing a business is quite involving. With so many roles and responsibilities to play, you may not have time to attract newclients to your business. But getting new clients...

It’s time to learned how to chooses jewelry for your girlfriends – let’s go!

If you find yourself trying to pick a jewelry for your girlfriends or wife, but you just don't knowing where to start, then you need to find out "how to do it" before...

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