Guide to Choosing an Ergonomic Monitor Arm


If you are looking to mount your monitor, there is a need to understand the differences between monitor stands, wall mounts, monitor risers, and monitor arms. In so doing, you can know the perfect solution that suits your needs. If you have decided to get an ergonomic monitor arm, then there are some things you need to know about them. Does the monitor you choose has standard mounting capability? What is its weight? Can you attach it to your working desk?

When buying computer monitor mount, it is a good idea to consider top brands. That is because these brands have experts who can help you with customized recommendations. Remember that you only want to purchase what works for you and suits your needs. Also, if you are not sure how high your display monitor should be, experts can help you get the ideal monitor height.

Why Choose a Monitor Arm?

An ergonomic monitor arm is designed to provide a semi-permanent and sturdy arm with articulating arms to allow for monitor placement in different angles. These are easily rotated and can free up the desk space. You can find multiple arms, dual arm, and single arm. The perfect choice is dependent on your applications. Remember that a monitor arm can accommodate several monitors used in a single post. These are some of the uses of monitor arms.

Height Adjustment

The right height adjustment is achieved in different ways with the use of the monitor arm. They utilize different methods to control height. For instance, they can feature a pneumatic cylinder that allows for adjustment of height and arm. The cylinders are easily calibrated to suit monitor weight.

Another option is to move the monitor by hand. Also, some have a pole or knob mount that make it easier to slide up and down its pole to achieve the targeted height.

Depth Adjustment

This is defined as the distance between the monitor and the post. It can be altered by pulling the monitor forward or pushing it back. Ideally, the depth you can get depends on the monitor arm length, and it varies from 8-inch to 40-inch. You can also get an ergonomic monitor arm with an extended length. The arms you choose should push the arm closer to post.


The ergonomic monitor arm can allow you do adjust the monitor from portrait to landscape positioning. Some can offer up to 360 degrees rotation to ensure you can easily rotate the monitor and share vital information.


An ergonomic monitor arm is designed to offer tilt for added viewing comfort. You can also find models that provide a high tilt range with different working positions. For instance, some provide a 200 tilt angle to accommodate touchscreen monitors.


You should note that many monitor arms in the market cannot be reconfigured. Fortunately, an ergonomic monitor arm can be reconfigured to support different monitors and even change the mounting method.

You can also purchase a monitor stand that sits on the desk and provides the much-needed portability. That is because you can move the stand at any given time. Ensure you mount it on the desk securely and keep the monitor safe.


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