The Ultimate Guide to getting a cordless leaf blower

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Using a rake to gather up leaves and debris can be exhaustive and time taking but with a cordless leaf blower one can easily clean up their lawn faster and effortlessly.

A cordless leaf blower is like any other leaf blower but uses a battery, is lightweight, easy to operate, versatile and also powerful (depending on the MPH or CFM). A leaf blower is a gardening tool that compresses air and propels the air through its nozzle to blow away leaves and debris from your lawn, garden, sidewalk, walkway and everywhere there is a walkway.

Why you should choose a cordless leaf blower.


Being able to carry the leaf blower over a long period with no or little stress is an advantage of the cordless leaf blower. Having a leaf blower with less weight makes it easier to use for people of all sizes and weight range. It is handheld with convenience instead of being hung like a bag pack or wheeled around. It can be held in two ways- either positioned and held as a bag and also can be held through the hands.

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Unlike the gas-powered or electric leaf blowers which are large and can only be used outdoor due to some of its hazards, the cordless leaf blower can be used both indoors and outdoors. With the cordless leaf blower, you can clean debris or sand from your office, seating room, and walkway and even inside your car.

Easy to use

The cordless leaf blower requires minimal technical know-how. It doesn’t contain a lot of controls that are complicated and hard to operate. It contains a two speed on and off button. To turn the leaf blower on and off and change the speed, and a tube unlock button to release the tube.


The cordless leaf blower makes use of a battery. It does not require gasoline or electric power. Just charges batteries. It is important to note that the CFM (cubic feet per minute) and the MPH (the max airspeed) depend on the batteries or the power being used. While the large cordless leaf blower may be used for little jobs such as the driveway, the patio, the room. The cordless leaf blower with a higher CPM possesses more power to be able to blow a large plot of lawn. One good thing about making use of the battery is that you don’t have to purchase gasoline or have the power to operate it.

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The best advantage of using a cordless leaf blower is the price. If you want to use a cordless leaf blower you would not spend more than $60. Unlike the powered gasoline-powered or electric leaf blower where you’d have to spend more than or close to $100.


A cordless leaf blower is very easy to maintain due to its small size, it does not require much maintenance. Mostly what you need to do is change battery when it has become worn out which would take a long time.


Getting a cordless leaf blower will go a long way in the cleaning of both your indoors and outdoors facilities that don’t require much effort If you want to buy a cordless leaf blower, you should probably click here. These are the factors you should keep in mind.

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