Five Common Mistakes You Make Ordering Your Custom Product Labels

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When customers buy your products, the first thing that they come in contact with even before they try out your product is the label. As a result, it is imperative to invest in high-quality custom product labels to draw them in. Fortunately, the Deepking label is a company that is keen on following customer instructions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. However, as the end product is dependent on the set of instructions that you give, you must order in the right way. Below are five things that you shouldn’t overlook when ordering custom labels.

  • Low-Resolution Custom Label Images

If you decide to use full-on photos as a part of your custom label, the last thing that you want to do is use a low-resolution photo as part of your company brand. Instead, try and use pictures with at least 300ppi for clear images after production. However, if you are using design, ensure that it’s clear. Make sure all overlapping parts are clear and that there will be no guessing game in the parts of the team when making custom made labels.

  • Supersizing Custom Label Company Logo

An irritating mistake that first-timers do when designing their logo is supersizing the logo. Ideally, the logo should be big enough to make your product quite different from the rest of the products. However, this does not mean that it should cover your product on all angles that the product itself is unidentifiable. To give your custom labels a clean, professional look, ensure that it leaves at least 1/3 of the space for added valuable information and guideline.

  • Using Low Contrast On Custom Labels

A significant benefit of personalizing your labels is that you get to customize the colors on your labels and choose what you want. When done right, the custom color labels become the highlight of your brand. When done wrong, the label looks amateurish. To avoid a sloppy look, ensure that the colors you want have enough contrast. Take care not to use a dark background color in combination with dark text, as this won’t make it visible.

  • Ignoring Custom Label Crop Line

There is a need for some wriggle room for the trim to ensure that your label is visible from all angles. The trim is the bleed, which is highlighted using red dashes. When uploading your specifications, don’t supersize it and risk an essential element of your design to be shaved off causing you massive grief through custom labeling

  • Using Fine Fonts For Custom Labels

Through thin fonts look good on the design paper, they tend to be impractical to use as label fonts. Often, fine fonts tend to be too small and light; hence, instead of standing out, blend into the background. For this reason, using bold, large fonts is the way to go as they create a sharp contrast hence the best for making custom company labels.


Usually, the core principle of labeling companies is ensuring that you the customer receive what you ordered. However, as they typically follow your instructions to the latter, the custom labels instructions that you submit should be perfect. By keeping the above points in mind, you will submit proper guidelines that will lead to the productions of high-quality custom labels.


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