Decorate your space with temporary tattoos


Everyone loves stickers and we are sure you do too! Why not jazz up your look with amazing temporary tattoos at your disposal. Its time you promote your business, brand or event with this customizable JJC sticker. Showcase the products you have to offer or endorse that special event happening in your area. They are also great for much grander marketing purposes, such as making JJC custom stickers to stimulate a candidacy campaign. Now don’t you worry as these little guys won’t stay put on any surface!

The perfect stickers

We understand that showcasing your business or event can be complicated. Not with these easy to use, durable stickers. Trade show, open house, conference… you’ve got a plan for any promotion effort. Say what you need to say and help customers take the next step in a direct way while looking professional. These peel-and-stick labels will do all of that while adding value and minimizing cost because they’re reusable! Got talent? Jjcsticker have adhesive label sheets ready for custom printing too – no minimum order size required.

Create eye-catching displays to market your business with this collection of sticker labels from JJC. You can use them for a variety of situations, such as displaying a sale or a special event. The best part is that the stickers are weatherproof and will not peel off under any situation. Its time you get your own.

Temporary finesse with temporary tattoos

Did you know they provide the uppermost quality, custom stickers and decals for a variety of different businesses? They have been in business since 2006 and use only premium materials to produce your design from start to finish under one roof.

Jjcsticker know what it takes to make a perfect sticker. Unlike traditional pre-printed adhesive labels which cannot be customized, the durable personalized adhesives are designed for everyday use with any surface or application you throw at them. Wall sticker, car sticker window banner vinyl banners signs, custom brand logo, flyer gift packaging material and branding stationery items and more are at your disposal here.

Impeccable raw material:

Staying with the theme of unmatched durability, the jjc stickers are made of outdoor vinyl for up to 5 years of use. These peel-n-stick decals offer fantastic protection against rain or harsh weather so they can be used inside and outside your homes, classrooms, locker rooms, Game Rooms, RV’s etc. With two sizes available (8″x11″ sheets that include 3 stickers each or 11″ x 17″ sheets that include 7 stickers each), prices start at $3 per sheet.

The best part about these amazing and unique products? They tend to stick onto any surface including safety glass without leaving behind an ugly residue. Also after removal it is essential if you’re using them in entryways to greet guests upon arrival. The durable stickers evenly distribute pressure which prevents wrinkles or bubbles. With so much at stake and at your service its time you decorate your empty spaces with color, finesse, elegance and lastly temporary reliable solutions.

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