Do You Know How to Take Care of Engraved Jewelry?

Engraved-necklace jewelry

When you take proper care of your jewelry, it means that you will get to enjoy it for a long time. Taking care of the cherished pieces of jewelry such as engraved bracelets keeps it looking good and sparkling for generations. Chances are that you own a couple of nice and unique jewelry sets in your collections such as a personalised bracelet and fancy necklaces. Here are tips and tricks to guide you on how to take care of your engraved jewelry so as to avoid anything that could potentially damage it:

  • Understand Your Engraved Jewelry

It is best that you know what your engraved jewelry is made up of before using any type of cleaner on it. Knowing what material your engraved jewelry is made up of is the only way you can stop any accidents from happening.

Some materials are better of left on their own and they will last longer when they are allowed to be in their original stated undisturbed. When you don’t clean the surface of the jewelry, the polish on the surface of unique vintage jewelry remains intact and so it will last longer.

  • Clean Your Engraved Jewelry With Warm Soapy Water

The best way to clean your engraved jewelry is by using the simplest methods. This includes the use of warm water together with soap. Use a piece of cloth or a soft brush to avoid scratching while you remove the dirt. After you’re done with the cleaning, rinse the piece of jewelry using clean water to remove all the soap.

There’s no need to get fancy or expensive solvents to clean your jewelry. Most of these solvents are alcohol-based and are filled with a polymer.

  • Keep Your Engraved Jewelry Away From Chemicals

When you expose your unique jewelry collection to chemicals, they end up damaged and discolored.  By chemicals, I do not mean the acids that you find in the labs. I mean chemicals that we handle every day such as lotions, hairspray, perfumes, cosmetics, and chlorinated swimming water. Such chemicals may be too harsh for delicate bracelets and can permanently damage the surface of the jewelry.

  • Don’t sleep In Your Engraved Jewelry

Not only can sleeping in jewelry irritate your skin but the jewelry may also be damaged. You might have slept in your jewelry before and may not have experienced any issues, this will not always be the case. Instead of waiting around to see what happens if you keep doing it, it would be best to stop doing it. For example, your earrings may come off the ears and end up inside a person’s ear.

Generally, it’s safer for you and the jewelry to spend the night apart.

  • Store The Different Pieces Of Your Engraved Jewelry Separately

Most people overlook the importance of having a proper system for jewelry storage. Actually, what most people do is to toss their jewelry into a drawer without caring to arrange it carefully. They totally disregard the damage and scratches that their treasured engraved pieces are subjected to. Untangling the necklaces and necklaces.

 If you’re not in a financial situation that allows you to get a storage system, it would be best if you keep your jewelry in the boxes that they came in. Storing each piece in its own designated space also helps you know exactly where every single one of your jewelry is so you can find it easily.

  • Put Your Engraved Jewelry On Last, Take It Off First

These two steps are very important when you’re getting ready. You should, therefore, incorporate them into your routine. Always put on your jewelry on last to finish your look and take it off first when you get back home.


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