Beginners Guide to Buying FIFA Coins

FIFA Coins

Millions of people are stuck at home because of the Corona Pandemic without any matches on TV as almost all football leagues have been canceled. And many of us play FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to keep our football crave at bay.

Everyone playing FUT does it for the love of the game and the thrill of winning. The more we win, the greater the fun is, and suddenly the pandemic feels a bit more bearable. On the other hand, watching your team lose is not that thrilling.

As a result, almost everyone is looking for some edge, something that will make their team better, and help them win more games. Being smart, making smart trades, and generally be a good manager helps a lot. But sometimes, that’s simply not enough, even you are doing all the right moves and making the right trades.

Same as in real football, sometimes you need a financial boost to make your team stronger and in great fighting shape. Like it or not, sometimes you need to buy FIFA coins to keep your team in shape. 

That opens the question every new player likes answered: 

Why buying FIFA Coins is necessary?

In an ideal world, buying coins in unnecessary. Everyone depends on their skills and the way they manage their team. However, this is far from an ideal situation in which people don’t care about anything, but winning. 

Therefore, spending a few bucks to buy FIFA coins and in the process make their team better is not a carnal sin. Almost everybody is serious about levelling up their game. 

That means if you are serious about being competitive, you need to buy FIFA coins as well. 

EA’s policy

According to their rules, they don’t allow the buying, selling, and distribution of FUT coins. At the same time, they won’t find it troubling for some of your “friends” to send you some FIFA coins. 

In all honesty, they are aware of all the trading that goes on, and rarely when they intervene. Almost by default, all buying and selling of FIFA coins go uninterrupted.  

So, regarding the EA, there isn’t any room for concern. 

The positive side of things

Spending cash on virtual goods like FIFA coins does not sit nicely with everyone and that’s alright considering everything that goes on in the world.

However, the truth is that you don’t need to spend some considerable amount of money. Sometimes, ten or fewer dollars can go a long way and provide a huge boost to your team.

That’s far from an obscene amount of money and it can truly go a long way if you use the coins wisely. If nothing else you will level up the playing field and your managerial skills and strategies can finally allow your team to shine and win matches. 

In conclusion

Once you decide to up your game and buy FIFA coins, the only remaining thing to decide is where to buy from. There are plenty of reputable markets from where you can get a great deal of FIFA coins, but at the same time, there are a few shady places.

So, make sure you only buy from a place that is reputable and has a huge customer base. If you are not sure where to buy from checkout some of the many online communities (Facebook, Online Forums, Reddit, etc.) where FUT players openly discuss these types of markets.


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