A guide to RuneScape and earning Osrs Gold

RuneScape game

Osrs Gold is perhaps the most critical treasure in RuneScape. The gold helps players of RuneScape progress from one level of the game to another, which would otherwise be impossible without the gold. The gold also allows players to improve their gear hence increasing their chances of succeeding in the game. Another important aspect of the game is the graphics. RuneScape features varying levels of graphic details. For instance, there are high graphic levels that help to enhance the texture and design of the game. The other level is the low detail graphic level, which help to provide a cleaner look and reduce lag in computers that use less power. Different levels feature different graphics as well. Before reaching these levels, most players are forced to buy Osrs gold.

RuneScape’s Combat System

RuneScape comes with a semi-real time combat system. The combat system helps to allow players to defeat the monsters in different cities and kingdoms in the game. By defeating the monsters, the players can acquire dropped items or complete set quests. There are different combat levels in RuneScape. The combat level of the player determines how powerful the player is in combat. Players of RuneScape can engage their combat by selecting the enemy that they want to battle. By clicking on the opponent, they automatically come to life and they can begin fighting and win the quest by killing the opponent. In some instances, the opponents result in retreating, which is also a symbol of victory.

RuneScape game

There are three main combat categories in RuneScape. When they are put together, they form the combat triangle. Below are the three categories;

  • Melee- this is a combat category where attacks are at a close range
  • Magic- magic attacks primarily involve the use of Runestones. Runestones are elements whose purpose is to cast spells. Attacks in this combat category happen at medium ranges.
  • Ranged- the ranged combat category involves attacks that happen at a long-range or distance. In these forms of attacks, projectile weapons like arrows, darts or knives are used.

How to start playing RuneScape

The first step to getting into the RuneScape adventure is creating a RuneScape account. Currently, the game hosts more than two hundred million account owners with a wide variety of players from male to female. Once you have an account, the next step would be to create a character that will represent you in the game. These characters are known as avatars.

In RuneScape, you also have the authority to come up with your own goals and objectives because the game does not submit to a particular storyline. This means that you can opt into or out of fighting fictional monsters or going on quests so that you can earn more points. The goals and objectives that you choose are, however, influenced by your current experience and the available skills.

Final Word

The game prohibits illegal purchases of gold and considers such an act basis for termination of a player’s account. You can also earn more osrs gold by utilizing your gaming skills and partaking in as many quests as possible.


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