How to Identify a Superb Garden Hose?


If you have a garden in your home where you plant different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, you’ll need a garden hose that is durable and flexible enough to help you water your plants with ease. The garden hose can also be used to water your trees and your lawn.

You might also need to get a hose reel with a retractable system that helps you store your garden hose easily. A garden hose makes the process of watering your plants very convenient compared to watering cans which can be quite tasking.

However, the goal when searching for a garden hose is to get a quality one that meets your specific gardening needs. Choosing a cheaper hose isn’t the best choice as it will only be useful for a short period. A cheap hose will also kink, crack, and degrade easily. A quality garden hose, on the other hand, can last for 5-10 years when properly used. Here are some qualities of superb hoses.

4 Great Qualities of a Garden Hose

1. The material used to make the water hose

Most hoses are made from vinyl, rubber, or polyurethane. Now, these materials are not of the same quality. Vinyl is the cheapest, lightest, and most importantly, the hose with the lowest lifespan. This type of hose is suitable if you don’t plan on keeping your garden for long. Rubber, however, is more durable and expensive than vinyl. Rubber hoses can withstand extreme weather conditions before they start to wear and tear.

In terms of quality, the best hoses are those made from polyurethane. Polyurethane garden hoses are the most expensive garden hoses you can find but they can withstand all weather conditions. When properly used and maintained, you can use them for more than ten years without making repairs.

2. Water hoses that are free from harmful chemicals

If you grow vegetables and fruits in your garden, you must choose a hose that is free from any toxic chemicals. The best hose for such tasks will be those made from polyurethane since they have been tested and approved by NSF and FDA. You should also remember to check if the fitting on the water hose is lead-free to prevent any contamination.

Try to avoid garden hoses made from PVC or synthetic rubber. When buying a garden hose, remember to check the labels and find the sign that shows that the hose is ‘drinking water safe’.

3. The length and thickness of the garden hose

The number of layers used in the production of garden hoses determines the thickness of the hose. The layers are usually formed two-ply to six-ply. The six-ply hoses are the strongest of all the hoses and as a result, they are less likely to bend, kink, or crack. The two-ply hoses, on the other hand, crack and kink easily.

4. Water hose fittings

The hose fittings are what you use to connect your garden hose to a water source. They can be plastic or brass fittings. Plastic fittings are lighter, do not last long, and break easily. Brass fittings, on the other hand, are rust-resistant, heavier, and more durable than plastic fittings.

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