How to Repair the Cue Tip of Your Pool


Is your favorite cue tip worn out, and the repair guy is not readily available to assist? Well, you can go ahead and replace it yourself!

Cue tip replacement is not easy. Yup, this is true even if you have not attempted it before. What you need is a do-it-yourself repair kit. In this blog post, you shall learn more about the right steps to follow in replacing the cues of pool billiards.

First, you should start by removing the tip of the tool- here, you can use a knife or, better yet, a razor blade in removing the tip and then cutting it closer to the ferrule of the cue tip.

Go ahead and work slowly in chucking out glue from the ferrule.

Next, you should clean the ferrule using a smooth as well as a top sander to remove left-over glue as well as dirt from the ferrule.

Make sure that the area is flat as well as clean.

Thereafter, you can go ahead and prepare the tip of the cue pool.


Sand it to accomplish that exquisite yet rough look. You should ensure that the tip is rugged enough for the glue to stick to it.

Go ahead and mount the cue in the ferrule. Note, it should be mounted at the center.

Press the tip to eliminate air pockets that can come in between the tool as well as the pool ferrule.

Using a dry cloth, wipe off the glue that could get out to the different sides of the ferrule.

Allow the glue to dry.

Here, you also need to press it harder to the tip and give it about 10 minutes to dry.

Using a ferrule shape the tip of the cue by cutting off parts that look out of place. Go ahead and position the stick on a relatively flatter surface with the tip facing down.

Using a sharp knife, slice off any protruding part of the tool. You can then use a ferrule to shape it and put back the cue on a flat area.

Since the cue tip could be flat at this juncture, you need to shape it in the preferable manner possible.

Sand the tip found on the sides of the tool in order to remove sharp, edgy parts.

You may notice that replacing the cue tipĀ of your pool can be a daunting task, especially if it is the first time. But with constant practice, this can be a viably successful process altogether.

Final Thoughts

There you go! If you are a pool lover, then you understand the predicament of bumping into issues with the gaming tools on a busy weekend. Many professionals charge $16 in labor for repair. But you can always save money by replacing that cue tip by yourself. Therefore, the replacing tips shared above can come in handy when you are in dire need. Remember, once done; you need to allow the tip to settle in for roughly an hour before the games begin!


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