Simple Guide on How to Selects a Coffee Table


Styling a home needs a variety of furniture to tie the whole look together. The go-to furniture for the living room is the couch since that’s where most of the sitting is done. Most people regard the coffee table as less beneficial, especially if a dining set is present and one or two stools. However, a coffee table is just as important and completes the living room look. The tables come in several styles and materials. A wooden coffee table will somehow fit into most styles considering wood is a common table material. We discuss the steps to choosing a coffee table below.

Steps to Choosing an Ideal Coffee Table

Coffee tables are in plenty in furniture stores, and it can be overwhelming trying to get the right one. The following points will help you choose the best coffee table for your space.

1. Your Budget

Before you start shopping, come up with a budget to work with and stick to it. It helps you narrow down your choices in the shop and brings you closer to your ideal table. Coffee table prices range from very high to considerably low, and your budget will help you know where to position yourself. Also, don’t compromise on quality just because the price is low.

2. Functionality

The style and how the table is set up determines how functional it is. Some tables are more decorative than practical. If you need storage, does it provide enough storage? Does it have shelves? Can it hold plates and glasses well? Figure out if it serves the intended purpose; otherwise, it’s not worth buying.

3. Shape and Size

The overall plan of your living room influences the shape of the coffee table. Also, how big or small the room is, is a determinant. A table with blunt edges like a round or oval shape is suitable for kids, considering they often run around. Rectangular-shaped coffee tables are perfect for big spaces to have room to walk around but can be dangerous to children due to the sharp corners.

Like the shape of the table, size is also determined by the room area. A big room will need a big table not to look empty, while a smaller one needs an even smaller table. Consider the height of the table since comfort is key. The size varies depending on the height of your couch. The standard coffee table height is 16 to 18 inches and 1 to 2 inches from your sofa. If the couch is high, buy a table that works with that height.

4. Material

Coffee table materials are vast, each providing a different style from the other. Some examples are wood, glass, metal, and lucite. Some have an industrial look like metal, while glass appears more sophisticated. Wood can portray a class, rustic or industrial vibe depending on the finishing used. Choose the material that fits the style of the room.


Coffee tables are essential furniture pieces of a home. Choose a piece that matches your style and works with your budget. Consider its functionality and quality too. A good quality table lasts long and is firm and sturdy.


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