The Ultimate Lawn Mower Buying Guide

lawn mower
lawn mower

Beautiful pristine lawns are one of the highlights of a well-maintained garden. Unfortunately, they do not just appear from thin air; it requires some form of effort on your part. One way of doing this is investing in a lawn mower that will help you tame unruly grass in your lawn. However, as every lawn has its uniqueness, choosing the correct machine from  is essential. Below are ways you can select the ideal lawn mower for personal use.

1. The Lawn Mower Engine Power

When considering the best lawn mower to invest in for personal use, it is imperative to ponder on the various types of Chinese lawnmower engines. Analyze the kilowatts and horsepower of each lawn mower before purchasing. Ideally, hard or wet grass requires a more powerful engine to deliver neat trim results. Choosing a lawn mower that provides a lower power than the one needed leads to overburdening of the engine hence causing frequent breakdowns and reduces its useful life.

2. Operation Area of The Lawn Mower

The next thing to ponder on is the size of your yard when picking various Chinese lawn mower brands. A walk behind lawn mower is suitable for a small-sized yard that is about ¾ acre sized. For much smaller yards, a single pass cut will still work wonders on your lawn. However, for bigger lawns, it’s best to consider purchasing a riding lawn mower to ensure ease of use and save on time.

lawn mower

3. The Terrain in Which The Lawn Mower Will Operate In

Next, consider your yard’s terrain when deciding which of the various Chinese lawn mower brands you want to invest in. If you have an inclined yard, consider buying a riding mower especially if it’s a large yard. However, if it’s small, settle for a self- propelled mower that will eliminate the need for pushing manually up an incline. As expected this means that if you have a typical small flat yard, then a walk behind mower will be sufficient.

4. Type Of Lawn Mower

Considering the means of the power source is another thing you should deliberate. Ideally, there are two ways of powering up your mower, that is an electric and a petrol means. Electric mowers have the advantage of being maintenance free, lightweight and easy to use. However, petrol mowers are geared for larger lawns and are more powerful. Though they require some maintenance, the robustness of petrol powered lawn mowers makes it convenient for use at difficult terrains.

5. Type Of Lawn Mower Control Feature

On a lawnmower clearance sale, take time to consider the kind of control feature it has.  Unfortunately, most people will consider engine type, size, and even the power source but fail to recognize how to power it on. Due to this, some people fail to understand how to start their mower in the first place. If a recoil and pull system seems too complicated, opt for an electric start option. Not only is it easier to start, but it’s ideal for elderly or infirm individuals who don’t have the strength to pull a recoil starter.


Overall, when considering the various lawn power products from China mowers, it’s best to consider where and how often you are planning to use your lawnmower. What’s more, be careful when purchasing second-hand cheap lawn mowers as they might have hidden issues makings its operation dangerous.


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