A guide to buying the most suitable LED panel lights

LED panel lights

Recently, LED panels lights have become very popular. Fluorescent panel lights are slowly being replaced with LED Panel lights because of the myriad of benefits that the lights have over the latter. One of the advantages of LED panel lights over the latter is that it is more cost-efficient. The LED technology is designed in such a way that it does not consume too much energy, and it is highly durable; hence, the cost efficiency element. Panel lights are a suitable alternative to conventional ceiling lighting. LED panel lights are the perfect option for office lighting.

Choosing the best-LED panel lights

The following factors can be considered when selecting the most suitable option for an LED panel light.

1, Size

LED panel lights come in a variety of sizes. The size of the panel lights is greatly affected by the size and the features of the ceiling grid. Currently, in the market, LED panel lights are designed to fit ceiling grids with the following dimensions; 600 by 600 inches, 1200 by 600 inches, and 1200 by 300 inches. If your ceiling grid is beyond or not close to these measurements, you may want to consider another alternative or order specific dimensions from the manufacturer. Before choosing and installing a panel light, you may also want to ensure that the depth and the ventilation are adequate.

2. Energy 

As compared to conventional lighting technology, LED panel lights provide a more extensive range of light while using less power. To be precise, LED panel lights consume a third of the amount of energy that traditional fluorescent lights use up at any given time. The panel lights also offer the advantage of optimization. This means that you can choose to make the lights dimmer or brighter by using more or lesser fittings depending on your needs at any moment. Furthermore, with LED lights, more light does not directly translate to more power usage. This means that you can set your settings to bright light without having to worry about the quantity of energy consumption. 

LED panel lights

3. Cost

The LED panel lights prices differ from one manufacturer to the other. However, the range of the difference is not as broad. You can always get a quality lighting system at an affordable cost. The point is you consider what serves you best but priced withing your budget abilities.

4. Color

The color temperature determines the color of the light that comes out of the panel. Cool white and warm white are two of the most popular color choices. Thus, depending on the office space, you need the lights to be installed or the color preference, you have several colors to choose from.


LED panel lights installation can be;

  • Suspended from the ceiling
  • Mounted onto horizontal surfaces
  • Mounted onto walls or other vertical surfaces (for a more dramatic effect)
  • Drop ceilings

They can also be used at home, I offices, commercial areas, and warehouses, among other spaces.

Bottom Light

The most efficient way of LED panel light installation would be to hire an electrician. Always take note that LED panel lights should not be used in wet locations and should also not be covered with thermally insulating material. Corrosive substances kept near the lights can also harm them. It is, however, recommended that you clean the LED panel often with a dry cloth. 


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