Exploring the 4 Ideal Materials for Bathroom Vanities


You could be selecting a vanity countertop to finish a revamping project or create a new bathroom look by sprucing your space. You may also require having a beautiful and functional choice than ever before at an affordable price. That said, your vanity countertop choice should stand up to a variety of materials, including water, cosmetics, alcohol, and soap, among others.

Luckily, most surfaces that suit the kitchen can also work ideally in your bathroom. Some of the top choices are such as marble, granite, and cultured marble, which happens to be made of actual marble elements coupled with resin. While bathroom vanity tops are not prone to wear and tear, you really need to consider investing in low-scoring materials since there are plenty of risks involved in scratching the bathroom surfaces. In our article by bathroom vanities Sydney, we shall explore various ideal materials for bathroom vanities. 

Ideal Choices for Bathroom Vanity Countertops

 In the current bathroom vanity market, we have a wide variety of materials to select from. They include natural stone, tiles, glass, and solid surfaces. All options have their advantages and drawbacks. They also come in various textures as well as prices and colors. As we promised you earlier, we shall be discussing the top 4 surfaces you can choose from for your bathroom vanity top.  

  • Quartz
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This is one of the world’s hardest and abundant minerals. It is humanmade and utilizes up to 90 percent of natural quartz dust in addition to chips that have resins. This is often done to give it a unique color. That said, it comes in popular brand names such as Silestone and Cambria. These materials are prominent for their sturdy nature. As compared to granite, they are more water-resistant. Now let us look into granite and its features in the next paragraph.  

  • Granite

By definition, it is one of the most prominent choices. It comes in various colors. Other than that, every slab is pretty much unique. They also come in unique patterns, including subtle bold. With careful research, you will find that perfect fit for your bathroom vanity needs. An additional advantage is that granite is durable. It is also scratch-resistant with minimal upkeep needs. To date, granite is pretty much popular. It can add to the resale value of your home.

  • Solid Surface Materials

Solid surfaces are designed using crushed stone, in addition to acrylic resin. Some of the top brand names are such as Corian and Solid Surface. They are also available in several colors and styles. Usually, these styles are easy to repair and fit well into contemporary bathroom decors. They are also water and bacteria resistant.  

  • Concrete

This is a trendy yet high-quality material that can also be difficult to install. It is, however, known to crack if subjected to chemically harsh liquids. This appealing material quality comes from its organic nature, which mimics natural stone. Concrete comes in various colors and textures. It makes a perfect bathroom countertop.



These are the four best options for today’s homeowners. If you are interested in knowing more or have essential questions, kindly contact our experts. They are professionals devoted to answering all inquiries about the procedure of getting the right material for your bathroom vanity.


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