My latte factor


As you know I am not buying lattes anymore, or I should say nearly not as I recently met up with a friend at a café and bought one… But well they are absolutely not a part of my daily expenses anymore. Even if I knew that they did cost me a lot, I have never actually checked how much. So I looked up a random month in my online bank account and checked. The result was shocking but I knew it was something around that number.


Just in the course of September 2011 I bought lattes for NOK 1226 (US$ 212) !! That is including the croissant or pain au chocolat I sometimes bought together with the latte… I know that september was a month like any other month and even if I take into account that it might have been a bit more than usual and multiply by 10 instead of 12, that will make it a NOK 12260 (US$ 2120) a year!!

I have to mention that one soy latte in Norway cost araound NOK 40 (US$ 6,9) but still… It’s funny I think how one stupid expense (daily lattes) lead into one more stupid expense (nearly daily croisants/pain au chocolat). I guess this no-wasting-money-year will show on my waistline too! ;-)

Oh and by the way, has any of you read any of David Bach’s books, what do you think about his concept the Latte Factor ? Personally I do believe that all those small daily purchases do provide you with a significant amount of money when eliminated, but only if you save the money, invest it or use it to pay off debt. Also I don’t think you should deprive yourself totally from something that makes you happy, it’s all about being balanced :-)


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