Needs, wants and the gym


After reading many PF blogger’s strategies concerning their spending I have seen that there seem to be two types of people: those who go all out and restrict a lot only spending on needs and those who choose a more balanced strategy and still spend on some wants (or marshmallows).
On this project of doing a year without wasting money, there is so much I have cut down or out already and don’t miss at all, like lattes. I am still shocked at the fact that I don’t miss lattes! I like the fact that rethinking my spending habits helps me discerns between what I truly appreciate and what is mindless shopping. But I have had a hard time discussing my gym expenses with myself: I truly love exercising and and I can’t see any way of cutting gym expenses without causing a negative impact on my well being, but it is also a big yearly expense, approximately NOK 8500  / US$ 1495 a year! I guess some people see this grand total as outrageous considering I am bragging about this not wasting money thing…

But there are reasons for it.
I currently have a membership at the university gym (because I work at the uni) and it costs only NOK 140 (US$ 24) a month (!), which is extremely cheap compared to average gym prices in Norway. But I have planned to change gym to a private one called Elixia opening in august in my local area. That will make the cost skyrocket to NOK 589 (US$ 102) per month, that’s over 4 times more expensive than the university gym!! The reason why I have to change gym is that the uni gym opens too late and closes too early, it fits student schedules but not really mine.
I have a running club membership at a cost of NOK 2150 (US$ 372) a year. This is where I get real running training. Being part of a running club is a tremendous motivation to me, I run with others and get much more challenged than when running alone. I couldn’t do without it!
In addition I run so often that I might need a pair of new trainers this year, and I so want a new pair of Adidas Adizero Adios. I have previously had some running related injuries and I am now very picky as to trainers. I don’t want to go all frugal and wait until the soles fall off before I change them because I know how depressed I would get of causing a new running injury.

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Patricia T. Stgeorge is a financial planner, currently employed in the financial industry. She is a lover of life and has her own ideas about the little accessories and tricks of the trade. In her blog, she shares lots of money saving tips and life's goodies.


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