Significant Network Video Recorder features

Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder system is one of the most advanced surveillance systems with amazing features. At Hikvision NVR, dealers with NVR products, various products used in the NVR systems can be easily accessed. In this article, various characteristics of the NVR characteristic will be discussed.

  • Easy to install

Network Video Recorder is one of the commonly used security measures in various countries globally. Consequently, the devices used in the digital video recorder systems are technologically advanced, thus making it easy to install. For instance, the CCTV cameras use a Wi-Fi connection to send data and receive control command. As a result, there are no wires required to install the cameras, hence making the work easier.

  • Custom real-time message

The second characteristic of the Network Video Recorder software is the ability to give real-time data. Consequently, quick actions can be taken as a result, and a necessary action taken. Besides, you can also live stream using NVR system provided you have a network connection to your smartphone or another similar device.  

  • Map display that allows you to select cameras visually

Unlike the analog system, you can make more than one Network Video Recorder camera setup, and they all function simultaneously. As a result, the system gives you a map display, which enables you to see all the locations of the connected cameras. Besides, the system also allows you to select the cameras and watch either live footage or the recorded video.

  • Access both recorded and live videos

The Network Video Recorder operating system is equipped with a storage system that enables it to save the footages it records. Therefore, the system allows you to access both the live and recorded video of events that took place previously. Subsequently, the feature in question has played a critical role in improving security measure.

  • Easy exportation of pictures, audio, and videos to email

The Network Video Recorder system has clear settings that are easy to operate. Using the wireless NVR, one can easily export audios, videos, and pictures from one location to another. The exportation can be done through the use of email address, therefore making it fast and efficient. With such features, it is easier for you to give evidence in the form of a video or picture to other individuals, despite their location.

  • Can instantly view a replay

Lastly, net video recorder allows you to see instant replays whenever you want to. The feature has helped many organizations improve their monitoring skills significantly. With the use of this feature, you can continue with your duties while still monitoring other people in the office. In case you want to confirm what was taking place when you had left, the system allows you to rewind and watch again.

  • In conclusion

Unquestionably, the Network Video Recorder features play a significant role in monitoring. As a result, the characteristics in question make the NVR system one of the best digital recorders. Consequently, security measures and controlling activities have significantly improved.

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