What is the price of a wall-mounted hose reel?


Hose reels are crucial to your gardening efforts. The role that they play to keep your hose shining and durable cannot be understated. But their efforts are the beginning. Hose reels can also be a source of beauty too. One of the reasons why is the various type of hose reels available to you

The wall-mounted hose reel often tops the list when it comes to beauty. Thus, you can get the job done in your garden while keeping your house beautiful. The question though on most people’s lips will be how much is a wall-mounted hose reel going to cost me? In between getting screw holes and other equipment, it can be hard to figure out.

How much will you have to spend on a wall-mounted hose reel?

The price of a wall-mounted hose reel can be anywhere from $150 upwards to about $400. However, the final price of the wall-mounted hose reel will depend on certain factors. They include

1. The manufacturer

The first big factor that determines the price of a wall-mounted hose reel is the manufacturer. Every producer of a product has the right to set their own price.

Thus, the manufacturer can either increase their price or lower it. The exact price also depends on the brand of the manufacturer. The general principle here is that much higher brands are going to command a higher price.

2. Material used

The material used will also determine the price of the hose reel. Usually, hose reels that are made of stainless steel will command a much higher price. This is because the material used is extremely durable. It will last way longer than other types of hose reels.

So, when considering the hose reel to buy, you should always consider the material that you want.

3. Miscellaneous

You also have to consider other smaller fees which will definitely increase or reduce the total cost. For example, will you be able to install a wall-mounted hose reel yourself or will you need their help?

Will you also need it on special delivery or does the manufacturer have that all sorted out? The answers to that question will give you a rough idea of what you are going to spend.

So what Should You Do Next?

So, now that you know the price of a wall-mounted hose reel, the next step will be to buy one. There are so many stores you can choose from. Just make sure you know the manufacturers are and what you can expect from them.

Once you gathered all the needed facts, getting a hose reel from them will be a breeze.

Bottom Line

So here’s the bottom line. Wall-mounted hose reels are going to do more than just the job. It’s also going to complement your wall perfectly. Better yet, if you choose to go for a stainless steel hose reel, then you get to use it for many years to come.

That is a good deal. One that you really should consider moving forward. It might be the best decision you make this year.

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