Top Trending Jewellery Items in 2020


The price of trending jewellery pieces this year vary widely. There are a lot of factors to be considered when determining the expected prices of pieces of jewellery. Starting from the materials you choose to use for the general frame to even the littlest intricacies on the jewellery pieces can go a long way in determining the price of the piece. So whether you are on a budget or not, there is something for you. Whether you are looking to spend a lot of money or as little as possible, we got you. for instance, photo necklaces come in various designs and hence various prices. But they are trending.

Available options for trending jewellery pieces

There are a lot of options. But the more common ones include:

1. Necklaces

2. Earrings

3. Rings

4. Bangles

5. Bracelets

6. Accessories and many more

These are just the general classification. But they all have subdivisions. There are some general and more popular subdivisions for the various trending jewellery items. However, we will only consider a few of them.

A. Necklaces: we have various kinds of necklaces such as:

1) Russian ring necklaces

2) Photo necklaces

3) Personalised photo necklaces

4) Bar necklaces

5) Heart necklaces

6) Engraved necklaces

7) Ring necklaces

8) Initials necklaces

9) Name necklaces

10) Birthstone necklaces

11) Interlocking necklaces

12) Personalised initials necklaces

13) Personalised name necklaces and many more.

For this year, the Russian ring necklaces and photo necklaces are ahead of the rest. The two designs have their unique and interesting features. The Russian rings, for instance, seem to be made up of various independent yet intertwined rings. The design is simply exquisite. With just $80 one could get one of the best selling Russian rings at the moment. Unless you want to personalise the design. Maybe you want a name or a message engraved. The price keeps rising and rising depending on your demands. You could even get as high as about $1000. The material used and other specific details determine the price. Assuming you would like a Russian ring necklace, engraved with a message and an inlaid birthstone, the price would be quite high.

B. Rings: So far we have considered only necklaces. But there are other items. Rings for instance. We have promise rings, birthstone rings and even mother rings. These are the more common ring types. But the birthstone rings are relatively new and trending. While the promise rings have always been trending members of the ring family. The types could be switched up by way of personalisation to achieve more aesthetic effects. For instance, a promise ring embedded with birthstones. The price of rings, however, are somewhat lower than necklaces. With about $70, you have yourself an excellent ring.


Since we obviously cannot discuss them all we would conclude at this point. The choice is yours. This year, jewellery pieces and accessories are trending. To get the top trending jewellery items, visit our website and pick the jewellery type that interests you. The outlined options would not disappoint you. we may very well be exceeding all your expectations.

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