All About Vinyl Letter Stickers

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Vinyl stickers are cut out of a solid vinyl-made sheet into any print or shape desired. Also, they have no background, so application extends to any hard surface or non-porous background. Moreover, waterproof vinyl letter stickers for the walls are known for not losing their stickiness, tearing, or fading.

Vinyl letter stickers are very beautiful, inexpensive, long-lasting, and easy to use for decoration. In addition, they have a classic look which can make your business look different and special. Also, these eye-catching stickers have varied uses including on windows, doors, cars, plastic surfaces, tiled surfaces, walls, labels, and many other surfaces.

Properties of Vinyl Stickers

These stickers are very versatile and considered the best option for business promotion and many applications. Below, are some of the properties that make these stickers well-loved:

  • They are resistant to both moisture and humidity

Vinyl stickers do not get easily affected by weather conditions like rain. At Zigpac, you will see options for waterproof vinyl letter stickers that are great for outdoor and indoor uses. Therefore, the adhesives at the back stick very well, especially when placed on dry surfaces.

  • Inexpensive

Also, the affordability of this kind of sticker is one of its major properties. Therefore, they can be gotten at very pocket-friendly prices, especially when bought from Zigpac. Furthermore, to reduce the price, you can order for them wholesale. Shipping these products is also inexpensive because of its lightweight.

  • Quick and easy application

In addition, when compared to other vinyl options, lettering stickers are very easy to place on surfaces by yourself depending on the size. Also, you do not need to get laborers involved or employ the use of heavy equipment. Therefore, all you need to do is simply adhere the sticker to the prepared surface.

  • Very durable

These stickers are made of very high-quality materials that make them sturdy. They have the ability to withstand wear and tear. In addition, these stickers stay effective without fading off over a long period of time.

  • Available in different sizes and shapes

Furthermore, these letterings can be used to create remarkable designs. By so doing, you can personalize them by incorporating your business colors, themes, and images in them. Finally, this will make them easily recognizable anywhere your branded products are found.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Other Properties of Vinyl Cut Letter Stickers

  • Eco-friendly

Globally, businesses are incorporating ways to save the environment while producing useful products. As a plus, vinyl letterings are made to be environmentally friendly. Also, they do not at any point release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

  • They are mostly removable and do not leave any sticky residue

Zigpac produces these letter stickers that have high-quality adhesives at the back. Therefore, if you desire to remove the stickers, you can be assured that you will not notice any sticky residue. However, the fact that this type of sticker is not permanent allows you to change it anytime you want to.

  • They can have matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish

Moreso, these letter stickers also come in different finish options, which are matte, semi-gloss and gloss. Whichever finish you choose should match the personality of your business.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Benefits of Using Stickers

These stickers offer limitless benefits, especially for advertisement and promotional purposes. Due to the durability of vinyl, the letter stickers can stay legible for an extended period. Hence, they provide an affordable, consistent, and self-promoting form of advertising.

Here are some of the benefits vinyl letter stickers have to offer:

  • Fundraising:

You can use these letterings as an inexpensive way to promote fundraisers in schools, churches, athletic clubs, and non-profit organizations. With the lettering customization, your messages on the group throwing the fundraiser can be conveyed quite effectively. The use of these letter stickers could even serve as an incentive for more people to grace the event.

  • Decoration:

You can use these letter stickers to adorn your business premises during the holidays in order to draw more attention. This could also bring in customers that will be anxious to know what your business has to offer. The letterings come in different colors and themes that can match holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween.

They can be placed on your shop windows, home walls, cars, bathroom tiles, cars, promotions, also outdoor and indoor advertisement.

There are also vinyl letter stickers for walls that add more beauty, color, and class to the room. Quotes from favorite authors or movies can also be cut out and used to decorate rooms. With the different styles, designs, and colors these letterings come in, they can be used as an alternative to painting.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Other Benefits of Using Vinyl Cut Letter Stickers

  • Informational Purposes:

Vinyl stickers can be cut into individual letters and then used to write bold, large, and colorful words. You can easily spell out your business name in large and colorful lettering, instead of using images or logos. These letterings also come in different font styles to add flair and personality to your company name or business motto.

These letterings can also be small-sized and stuck on gift items you can give out during promotional events.

  • For storefronts:

Every business owner knows the value of storefronts to small and big businesses. This business spot is the one place you can meet your customers one-on-one and then prove your worth to them. They are very easy to apply and can take either a classic look or an eye-catching and unique look.

More so, reversed lettering can be used so that the letterings are stuck inside the store. This will reduce exposure to harsh weather conditions, thereby making them more durable.

  • Mobile Advertising:

This is one of the most inexpensive ways of promoting your business. Mobile advertising can be done with a fleet of cars having vinyl stickers on them to display your office details. This is a unique way of business promotion and will draw more attention than most methods.

Since they come in different shapes and sizes, you can easily find a befitting design for your company.

  • For Products:

It is very easy to adhere to vinyl stickers on your products, as they last longer than the digitally printed ones. You can place the letterings on the cover of your product to mark it as your brand. This method of branding your products is very affordable.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Differences between Decals and Stickers

Zigpac makes the best quality of vinyl products you need to make your letter stickers. You, however, have to know the difference between vinyl decals and waterproof vinyl letter stickers for walls (know more) to avoid mixing them up. This is because they are so similar and are often used interchangeably.

Here are some notable differences between vinyl decals and vinyl stickers:

  • Vinyl decals often come in a single color, unlike vinyl stickers that can come in complicated designs.
  • A vinyl cutter or plotter is used to physically cut out decals from sheets of vinyl stickers. But vinyl stickers use wide-format printers to print the sticker on vinyl.
  • Vinyl stickers have a printed or illustrated adhesive label. However, in decals, the design is prepared on a special paper and transferred to another surface like glass or metal.
Vinyl Letter Stickers

How to Make A Sign Using Vinyl Letter Stickers

Custom letter stickers are quite easy to make by yourself. Moreover, the process of waterproof vinyl letter stickers for wall printing is the most inexpensive, versatile, and effective way of conveying information on large surfaces.

Printable vinyl is quite easy to make even without the use of cutting machine or silhouette. Therefore, this post concentrates on how to make a sign with the use of vinyl stickers.


  • Vinyl sticker
  • A board
  • Tack cloth
  • Paintbrush
  • Primer
  • Paint

Steps on making vinyl letter stickers

  • Firstly, choose the fun sign you want to use.
  • Then, get the board ready. It should have a very good size and be very tidy.
    • If possible, sand all the sides edges of the board.
    • Also, use a tack cloth to wipe down the board after sanding it.
    • Then, prim the board and give it any color that appeals to you, possibly white
    • Finally, paint the board’s edges too, the black color will be okay.
  • Next up, apply the sticker on the board.
    • First, peel away the backing. Then place the sticker on the board and press the edges down with your fingers.
  • Press down the letters to ensure they properly adhere to the board.
  • Beginning from one corner, slowly peel away the transfer tape. Finally, press down any letter that tries to come up along with the transfer tape.
Vinyl Letter Stickers

How To Apply Letter Stickers

After buying or making your letter stickers, the next step is to apply them. This can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Firstly, peel off the transfer tape to remove the letter sticker from the paper backing.
  • Then, the transfer tape will hold each piece of the lettering together while you place it on a good surface.
  • After properly positioning the sticker, press the transfer tape to the surface so that it will properly adhere.
  • Next, use a clean object to apply pressure on every part of the design until it completely adheres.
  • Then, very slowly, peel away the transfer tape at an angle of 180 degrees so that the sticker stays adhered.
  • Moreover, note that delicate designs should be allowed to sit for about 24 hours before the transfer tape is taken off. Also, this ensures that the stickers last longer on the surface. It also makes it easier for the tape to be removed, thereby leaving the design undamaged.

Summarily, the best place to buy your budget-friendly and professional vinyl letter stickers are at Zigpac. Our stickers are very versatile and are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, alphabets, and words.

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