What is an android TV?


Technology is transforming the entertainment industry in various aspects. Innovative gadgets are flooding the market, bringing the incredible experience to people across the world. Among the innovative devices in the entertainment industry include the android TV box. While some users are already enjoying the incredible features offered by the EVPAD 5P, others are not aware of what they can do or the difference with other similar products on the market. This article will provide insights about the android TV box and why you might choose it over some of its rivals.

What is an android TV?

Android TV boxes are entertainment devices that run on the Android operating system. This is a platform that runs millions of other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since the android TV box was produced in recent years, they tend to run on the latest versions of Android OS, such as Android 8 and above. These devices are used to watch multiple TV channels, stream media online, surf the internet, and browse social media platforms, among other possibilities. Android TV boxes are available in various verified distributors, both online and local stores all over the world.

What makes the android TV box different?

The android TV box is classified as disruptive technology because it has adopted innovative technology that has shaken up the industry. Compared to the predecessor TV boxes, the android options tend to offer multiple possibilities regardless of the location of the user. This means you could possibly use the android TV box in remote areas and still watch what you want at any time without any disruptions, as seen in the older versions of the TV box. With this device, you can read news, check social media feeds, send emails, browse the internet, or dive into the world of streaming content on YouTube or Netflix.

Installation and user experience

When you purchase the android TV box, you don’t need to install a smart TV. You will only need an HDMI cable to connect the device to your screen. The installation process is simple because you will only need to connect the device to a power source and attach the HDMI cable to any TV. A few settings are required on your TV, then switch on your device to enjoy the endless possibilities. You also need to connect the android TV box to the internet either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to get unlimited experience.

Speaking of the user experience offered by the android TV box brings a transforming feeling into people’s lives. Besides the many things the device can do, the apps available are easy to navigate to get the content you need. The device also supports multiple TV channel providers on individual applications. It gets easier to get your head around different functionalities on the android TV box compared to the latter devices, which would offer challenging aspects of the operation.

Where to buy the android TV box

While there are many ads online inviting you to purchase the android TV box, they may not guarantee you the best offers. It is vital to consider shopping on certified retailers to avoid poor build quality and faulty functionalities. Always remember to contact the manufacturers if you are not sure where to find a valuable android box. More importantly, it would help if you opted for legit brands reputable in the market to ensure you get excellent deals for your entertainment experience.


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