1 month of groceries: NOK 5977 / US$1030


Now that I have changed my spending habits and monitor my expenses very closely, I was able to check exactly how much we spent in groceries from Jan. 15th to Feb. 14th – that is a very new thing for me. ;-) We both get our salaries on the 15th every month so it is convenient to check for one month from pay day.

The grand total ended at NOK 5977 / US$ 1030! And this is only groceries, wine is not included because here in Norway you can’t buy wine at grocery stores or supermarkets. (You have to go to a special state owned shop if you want to buy any alcoholic beverage with a volume percentage of over 4,75%.)

I guess the number looks high compared to most countries but here it is pretty much normal. We don’t buy anything expensive like ready meals and that kind of things. We make absolutely all our meals from scratch so those groceries consist of all the usual stuff: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish etc… and household products – that’s it. NOK 5977 / US$ 1030, that’s what it costs here for a couple and a cat for one month – how does it compare to your grocery expenses?

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