Tips on How to Do Proper Lighting for Your Home


LiProper lighting is an integral part of décor in any home. It adds some sort of magic to the rooms and sets the mood for that particular room’s functionality. It’s, therefore, really important that you do your lighting right inside your home.

Lighting also affects a person’s psychological well-being. It‘s possible to stimulate the brain using light; blue light has been shown to increase alertness. In the market today, there are multi-color ascents that can be adjusted depending on the person’s mood.

The secret to getting a properly lit room is combining multiple light sources such as wall-mounted sconces, lamps, and chandeliers. The type of chandelier you get determines the effects that you get which can either be soft and subtle or all-out illumination. If, for example, you get an antique brass chandelier make sure to either place it at eye-level of overhead, for the best results.

A guide for lighting up your home

  1. Make sure that all the working surfaces are properly illuminated, especially in the kitchen.
  2. Ensure that the windows are large enough to maximize on natural lighting
  • Consider how the lights will be controlled. Think about the placement of the switches and how accessible they are to the kids.
  1. Get ideas from other people. From all the suggestions given to you, pick out what you feel will work best for your home.

Tips to use when designing your home’s lighting

There are several factors that you need to consider before choosing the fixtures for your home. Here are some tips to help you design the lighting for your home

  1. Use multiple sources

You can use multiple light sources placed in strategic places to properly illuminate your home. Light layering can be achieved using glimmering pendants, wall-mounted sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps.

In addition to providing general light, both floor and table lamps can be strategically positioned for reading and adding a touch to the room’s décor. Wall-mounted sconces can be used to create focal points by illuminating important artwork or furniture.

LiProper lighting
LiProper lighting

When light is reflected off the wall or off a certain art piece, it creates some form of ambiance.

Ensure that you get dimmable lights to enable you to set the mood in a certain room depending on the time of day and the activities going on in that room.

  1. Consider the space

You should also ensure that you have enough space in which you can use different light sources in a well-distributed manner. Multiple points of lighting are used to create a sense of warmth and coziness as well as complement the natural lighting.

Depending on how much space you have available, get at least one statement fixture in each room. If you have more room you can get more statement fixtures; just don’t overdo it.

LiProper lighting
LiProper lighting
  1. Create a strategic plan and think through placement

When it comes to a well-lit room, symmetry is of utmost importance. You should see to it that the lights are evenly spread out. Also, if you would like to add jewelry to your home, you should consider using decorative lighting. Dramatic chandeliers add to a room’s style and functionality.


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