How to Raise Your Laptop Battery Life

Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery
Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery

Some modern laptops have a battery power to last the entire day. But if you’re reading this, then your computer isn’t one of them.

Even worse, some laptops models use an internal battery. As such, you can’t swap an empty battery with a fully charged one. In this case, the only thing you can do is to elongate its life.

These tips will help increase the lifespan of your Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery.

  1. Use Battery Saving Mode

Launching battery saving mode helps increase your battery life.

It does some tweaks to preserve battery power. Such include reducing screen brightness and limiting background activity.

Windows will activate this feature each time your battery power runs to 20% and below. However, you can enable this feature manually whenever you like. So, if you’ll be away from any power outlet, enable the function at the start of the day.

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness

The most significant power drain in any portable device-be it a tablet, laptop or smartphone- is its display. By reducing its brightness, you’ll be squeezing more time for your laptop battery.

By how do you reduce this brightness? By pressing on the brightness buttons on your keyboard. In some laptops, you may need to hold the Function key alongside the brightness keys.

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, you can dim the brightness by opening the action centre.

  1. Turn Off Your Screen When Not In Use

Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery
Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery

Since the display of your laptop consumes so much power, don’t leave it on more than you need. Configure the machine to turn off the display or go to sleep when not in use.

Well, if you’re actively using your laptop all day, it may not help your battery life. But it’ll prevent the machine from wasting too much power when you step out.

All you need to do is instruct Windows when you need the machine to turn off or go to sleep.

If you are not using the PC for some hours, then you may opt to hibernate it. Hibernation consumes as much power as the PC would if it was off. Windows will turn your PC from sleep to hibernate mode after some time.

  1. Disable Hardware Devices

Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery
Asus A41-X550A Laptop Battery

If you are not using a hardware device, remove it. It can consume your power for no apparent reason. For example, if you don’t expect to use a Bluetooth feature, turn off its radio to save some energy.

If you’re working offline or in an area where there is no internet, disable the Wi-Fi setting. You may also activate the Airplane Mode if you’re not anticipating to use any wireless devices.

  1. Run a Power-Troubleshooter

The Windows operating system provides a power troubleshooting feature. By undertaking this scan, the PC can identify the common battery drains and apply fixes on them automatically.

For instance, the scan may limit the time your screen takes before it goes dim. It may also disable a screensaver feature if it’s unnecessary.


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