Factors to consider when choosing the best cordless screwdriver

cordless screwdriver

There are several brands of cordless electric screwdrivers in the market. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The plus side is that users have more options, and the quality of production is improved as each brand manufacturer looks to beat its competitor. On the other hand, the downside is that the task of deciding which product to choose from the lot just became harder for the customers. Manufacturers like CACOOP tools are striving to provide better deals than their competitors. This post will tackle the factors to consider when selecting the most suitable cordless screwdriver. 

1. The Power

The power of the cordless screwdriver is much determined by the quality of the battery that the item uses. The standard range for a reliable battery is between 3.6 volts and 12 volts for light-duty and medium-level duties, respectively. Continued innovations have led to the establishment of smaller versions of the cordless screwdrivers with batteries that are as strong, powerful and enduring than those of larger ones. For adequate power, opt for a cordless screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery. This type of cell is also entirely eco-friendly.

2. Torque

The tightening torque is also a crucial factor to consider. Getting a screwdriver with a high tightening torque would mean a strong screwing force. The tremendous tightening power would also mean easier screwing and increased chances of success screwing hard materials. It would be advisable to get a cordless screwdriver with a torque control meaning one can control and adjust the rotating force of the screwdriver. 

3. Rotating speed

The speed of the cordless electric screwdriver refers to the number of rotations that the screwdriver makes in a minute, and it is expressed the units rmp (units of measurement). The rotating speed is directly related to torque strength and power. The higher the power of the screwdriver directly translates to a higher torque hence a more top rotating speed. 

cordless screwdriver

4. The type of screw

Different types of screws on different screwdrivers come in varying sizes and shapes. It is thus essential for you to look for the kind that suits your needs and the task at hand. For a professional contractor, a versatile screw would be the better option. However, some screwdrivers offer the user choices when it comes to the screw types.

5. Ease of use

Some features determine the ease at which you can use the device. Always go for a spindle lock as it allows you to lock the mechanism so that you can replace the screw. A clutch would also help give you more control over the torque. Other features like a soft grip and adjustable handles also provide more options to make work easier.


Another factor to consider when choosing the most suitable cordless screwdriver is the cost of the product and the reviews from other clients. It is always wise to consider different options, try them out, and consider the different prices before deciding on the best option. 

cordless screwdriver


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