Considerations For Purchasing Swim Spas


China Royal Spa boasts of being one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality swim spas and hot tubs in China. The company features a wide range of products with varying price tags and designs. China Royal Spa swim spas are some of the most highly reputable products in this market. Check for more info here on the brand. This post discusses factors to consider when purchasing swim spas from this or any other brand.

Features to consider when buying swim spas

Below are a few considerations for buying swim spas;

1. The type

There are several types of swim spas on the market. The first thing you must consider when choosing the best kind is the purpose for which you are purchasing the swim spas. In this case, the internet should be your friend. Through the internet, you can research the different types of swim spas and how they operate. This information will help you make an informed choice.

The most common types or categories of swim spas are:

  • Above ground swim spas- as the name suggests, these are installed above the ground. They are easier to install since they do not require a lot of construction.
  • In-ground swim spas- they are usually installed below the ground, like swimming pools.

Swim spas can also be categorized based on the method they use to generate current and /where they are installed.

2. Seating

One of the essential features to consider when choosing a swim spa is the seating configuration and layout. Most swim spas are usually configured with the kinds of seats you find on hot tubs. However, these seats are mostly configured on one side as the other one is fitted with jets. When choosing the best swim spa, it would be best to consider the layout of the seat and the amount of swimming space. Naturally, the longer the seating layout or configuration, the less the swimming area. This makes the product more of a hot tub than a swim spa as it cannot fully achieve its purpose.

3. The lighting

Most swim spas feature LEDs in their design. The primary role of the lights is to make the swim spas safe for nighttime applications. Some brands usually install colored LED lights. In this case, the lights help provide a visual appeal. There are also claims that colored LEDs on swim spas provide chromatherapy benefits.

4. The water features

Most brands construct swim spas with varying water features. These components are designed to promote relaxation, be soothing, and make the swim spas fun to use. Some brands offer standard swim spas, while others feature upgrades. The latter is usually more costly than the former.

Final word

Conventional swim spas come with covers constructed from Styrofoam covered with vinyl. However, it is worth mentioning that the material from which the covers are made differs from one brand and manufacturer to the next. The materials from which the covers are made impacts their durability and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Some covers also offer better insulation and are easier to use. The role of swim spa covers is to protect the swim spas and keep them safe and clean, especially when installed outdoors.

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