How Gothic Fashion Gives You a Dark, Distinctive, And Effortless Look

gothic fashion
gothic fashion

Any kind of dress will have you looking innocent and girly. This, however, is not the case with gothic dresses which are mostly in black. The gothic fashion features clothes that are usually decorated using crosses, lace, and ribbons; either in black or white. My Lolita dress from Lolita Style Fashion tends to give the wearer an elegant deathly terror.

What Makes The Gothic Fashion Subculture Unique?

The Goth style is marked by conspicuously mysterious, homogeneous, and dark features. The members who follow this fashion trend wear horror clothing, black nail polish, colored black hair, and heavy makeup. The makeup includes black lip color, dark eyeliner, and eye-shadow. They then apply powder on their faces for a pale complexion. The described style applies to both men and women.

Goths wear witchy clothing and vampire clothing making them quite distinct. Gothic fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion, punk fashion and emo fashion because some styles are borrowed from these other subcultures. In simple terms, Goths express themselves through image.

How Do I Attain a Stylish Look Following Gothic Style In 4 Simple Ways?

Many people, especially in their teenage years, are struggling to integrate into normalcy. Immediately they start showing some Goth tendencies, they may feel as though the society does not like how they dress and will most probably not accept them.

gothic fashion
gothic fashion

If you are out there and feel that your gothic fashion needs some alteration, we have some tips to help you stay stylish:

  • Use minimal jewelry

If you already went bold with your makeup, then try to tone it down a bit with the jewelry. Try not to wear jewelry that attracts too much attention. If spikes are your thing, it’s okay to rock a wristband with spikes on it. Just be sure to keep things simple. A simple ring or necklace will go a long way in keeping people off your neck

  • Embrace your tattoos

You are lucky if your parents or your boss don’t mind your tattoos. However, if you feel that getting a tattoo will get you in trouble; it would be best if you get it done on a part that is not visible to everyone. Such can be very easy to conceal. Tattooing your face, neck or hands would not be a great idea if you have people around you that might not like it.

About tattoo care: always use moisturizer and sunscreen on your new tattoo for extra protection.

gothic fashion
gothic fashion
  • Rock your haircut with confidence

Finding a haircut that goes well with the shape of your head can be kind of tricky. You might need to experiment a little before you can finally settle on a haircut design that suits you. Once you have found a suitable haircut, it’s now time to dye it. You can either use a black dye or any funky colors that you like. Again, if you’re not too sure about the color, it’s advisable that you use temporary dyes.

  • Remember that Black is beautiful

In today’s day and age, it very easy to wear all-black and get away with it without piercing stares. There are quite a number of gothic clothing brands that create everyday looks that you can wear and not be questioned about whether you’re attending a funeral or not. To add onto the darkness, you can put on black sunglasses.

Gothic fashion is classic, timeless, and looks great.  


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