How to choose the right waist pack


A waist pack is a lifesaver and one of technology’s gift to man. Going back in time, everyone moved around with a fanny pack in the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. As time went by, fashion slowly dissociated from waist packs, and the younger generation began to see it as an outdated item.

But alas, anything that has value will always be appreciated for its value, and a waist pack is one of them. The best type is the waist pack with bottle slot. It’s perfect for those who engage in physical activities that require lots of hydration.

Now, as a newbie that wants to hop on the waist pack train, making a choice may be difficult for you. In a bid to resurrect the waist pack trend, manufacturers have created different variants. So, there are different brands and models to choose from.

Here are some features to help you choose the right pack.

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What to look out for when buying a waist pack

1. Size

You can’t afford to compromise on the size. When considering the size, look at the kind of events you’d be using it for and the essentials that’ll go in.

For instance, if you’re going for a casual hangout with friends and family, you’d need a medium-sized handbag to carry your phone, wallet, credit cards, keys, etc. If you’re going for an early morning jog or run, you should probably buy a waist pack with bottle slot (for hydration purposes)

If you’re going hiking or embarking on long-distance trips, you may need something bigger.

When you’ve considered all these things, it will be easier for you to make a choice.

2. Type of material used

You can’t afford to compromise on the material as well.

Another misconception people have about waist packs is that it’s not durable. On the contrary, waist packs are very durable and they’ll give you value for your money. But if you still have trust issues, you can get a waterproof waist pack. That way, you’re sure of its durability and strength, even when dipped in water.

3. Number of compartments

Just like the size, the number of compartments depends on the number of essentials you’d be carrying and the event you’d take it to. If you’re going for a run or traveling by air, small waist packs with few compartments for important things will suffice. For a family or friends’ hangout, a medium-sized waist pack will do.

But for a hike, you need one with multiple compartments to store essentials for long-distance trips. Multiple compartments help to store your things and remind you of their placement.

4. Adjustable strap

If you’re buying a fanny pack mainly for the style, then look for one with a great adjustable strap. This gives you flexibility and allows you to style it however you want- from wearing it as a crossbody, using as a cloth belt, wearing it as a sling beneath a jacket, and so many others.


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