How To Go About Choosing Lolita Blouse

Lolita dress

As Lolita fashion is a very modest dress design, it might be challenging to get a blouse that fits in the Lolita subculture. The reason for this is that low cut neck blouses are one of the most common trends in the world today. However, this also does not mean that any shirt that covers the skin completely will fit in the Lolita style category. To get the look right, below are five tips on how to choose a Lolita blouse that you should know off.

Lolita Blouse Material

When it comes to choosing the correct Lolita style blouse considering the type of material is a crucial factor. For you to pick a shirt made of high-quality material, select pieces made of natural fibers. Unfortunately, many companies claiming to sell Lolita clothes are selling cheap fabric blouses to con people. To ensure you don’t fall into this trap, read the fine print, and avoid blouses made from cheap stretch velvet, polyester, nylon, and satin.

Lolita Blouse Sleeve Shape

Often, Lolita fashion clothes have high rounded collars. Naturally, to balance this, puffed sleeves are the most preferred sleeve choices when choosing Lolita blouses. The puffiness comes from the use of gathers at the end, which gives it an elegant exaggerated look. As modern designs sometimes influence Lolita fashion style, it’s not uncommon to see Lolita girls wearing one shoulder sleeves or straight sleeve blouses. Nonetheless, even though you might get away with it, especially if you are wearing a bell-shaped skirt with a lot of frills and lace, do not dare wear a sleeveless blouse.

Lolita Blouse Shape

Whether you choose classic, punk, or Gothic Lolita style, most Lolita blouses are simple fitting designs. The collar is usually rounded, beautifully complementing the high necks and rounded necks. However, as modern elements influence the design, Lolita blouses with pointed colors are making an appearance, Nonetheless, when it comes to the shape, one aspect that you should keep in check is that the blouse shape design should have no cleavage on display.  

Correct Balance Of Lace and Ruffles

Harajuku fashion, in general, makes use of lace and ruffles for a soft, delicate look. However, to nail this look, the use of these additions should be balanced. Ideally, when choosing a blouse, keep in mind that Lolita fashion isn’t equal to excessive use of lace. The primary purpose of these additions is to complement the overall look. As a rule, any third party looking at you should differentiate the starting point of the chest and neck area.

Lolita Blouse Fit

When buying clothes for children, many parents tend to buy at least one or two sizes larger. The purpose of doing this is to enable the child to grow into them without using too much money. When it comes to choosing a blouse for Lolita Japanese street fashion, this element is drastically different. Instead of ill-fitting clothes, this style calls for well-fitted blouses as blouses that seem too long look unsightly. However, even as you aim for well-fitted garments, ensure that the blouse isn’t tight as that is tacky.


Even though you might fancy low cut blouses that show a bit of cleavage, steer clear of this when doing Lolita fashion. To get it right, ensure you pick a blouse made with the right kind of material; that is soft to touch and is of high quality. Overall, to get this look right to ensure you pick a Lolita blouse that incorporates the use of frills and lace for the ultimate wow factor.


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