4 Common Mistakes Sword Buyers Make


The decision to purchase a sword is not something that should be considered a simple process. When thinking of getting a sword, the reason behind its purchase is significant. For some, it is to be used for ornamental purposes, as movie props, or as an actual weapon. Whatever the reason may be, there are some blunders that are quite prevalent when people go sword shopping for the first time.

At https://www.samuraiswordsmith.com/, our years of experience has made us know the prevalent errors and how you can avoid making the mistakes when you buy a sword.

Is the Sword for Decoration Or Active Use?

The first thing one should determine when buying a sword is whether it is going to be used as an ornament or as a tool. This is what swordsmiths ask their customers first of all. If the sword is to be used for decoration, the ones that come with dull blades are recommended for safety reasons. On the other hand, a sword that is to be used in slicing objects will have to be one that is made from high-grade carbonized steel and comes with a sharp blade.

Going For Cheap-priced Swords

Acquiring a sword is an investment in all sense of the word. Another one of the mistakes people make when buying swords is getting swords that come at a cheap price because they feel the sword they really crave is expensive. It is better to spend money on a quality sword that would last through the years instead of throwing money away on a cheap one. The fact is, a sword of good quality does come at a high price but is worth the investment.

Exhibition Method

A good number of people purchase swords for decorative purposes but do not exhibit them in the proper way. Before you buy a sword as a part of your house interior decoration, determining where and how it will be displayed is important. You do not want a sword to get damaged by placing it carelessly around the house as you have invested your hard-earned money.

When buying a sword, get an exhibition casing or a stand along with it. An exhibition stand gives you the opportunity to add to your collection of swords whilst displaying them in a manner that is safe and decorative at the same time.

Sword Maintenance

A lot of people just invest in quality swords without thinking of the maintenance. It takes a lot to maintain the luster and sharpness of a quality sword, especially if it is going to be used often. Swords succumb to corrosion if you don’t maintain it properly. Some swords have to be oiled once a week while others will need it every three months, to maintain their sharpness. The maintenance time depends on the type of blade and how a sword is preserved. When purchasing a sword, get a cleaning set and a sharpener as well. Keep a sword in pristine condition and it will serve you well.

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