Types Of Coupons And How They Work


A coupon is a type of voucher designed by a vendor, manufacturer, or store to provide clients with discounts for a particular product or order. The coupon may be a percentage-off deal or dollar-off deal. A percentage-off deal is where you are exempted from paying a specified percentage of the total price of your product or purchase. On the other hand, a dollar-off deal is where you are exempted a specific amount from your purchase. To access some of the best coupons from top manufacturers and stores, all you have to do is go here. This write-up covers the various types of coupons.

Types of coupons

Coupons come in a wide range of varieties. Below are some of the main ones;

1. Electronic coupons

These coupons are usually downloaded to mobile devices. They typically contain a bar code that can be scanned from the phone at the checkout counter at a specific store. In a few cases, you may be allowed to print out the coupon codes so you can use them in hard copy at the store. Such coupons are usually available through retailers or manufacturers, and they are often used during the checkout process when purchasing items online. You can also get electronic coupons from various online coupon websites like Save Review, social media, and product websites.

2. Paper coupons

Also known as hard copy coupons, these types can be found on paper sources like newspapers, food packages, store flyers, mailers, and other forms of paper ads. Paper coupons typically come in the form of vendor or store coupons. A vendor coupon can be used for any product or purchase from a specific vendor or manufacturer. With such coupons, you can shop at any store and redeem the coupon as long as the product is from a particular manufacturer. On the other hand, a store coupon can only be redeemed at a specific store.

3. Catalinas

These are long, narrow, receipt-like coupons that you often receive after completing a purchase at a specific store. They can be store or manufacturer coupons. More often than not, Catalinas offer you a dollar amount off your next purchase. You can find these coupons at the store or from a dealer. Usually, they are printed out after you complete a purchase.

4. Store and manufacturer coupons

As touched on earlier, store coupons are usually issued by a specific store. This means that you cannot use them in any other place. On the other hand, manufacturer coupons are generally issued by a particular manufacturer or vendor. This means that you can use them at any store, so long as you purchase a product from the specified manufacturer. However, the store must accept coupons as not all stores accept these vouchers.


Other than the types of coupons mentioned above, these vouchers can also be categorized based on the kind of promotion they are designed for. For instance, loyalty program coupons are given to loyal clients, and buy-again coupons are awarded to new customers. You can take advantage of as many types of coupons as you can to save money on purchases.


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