5 warning signs that indicate you should change your water filter

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Water is something we cannot ignore. The infamous flint water crisis brought some attention to the relevance of companies such as http://water-filter.com/ and the critical work they do to provide filtering equipment to ensure we have safer water.

However, while getting a water filter system is recommendable, it’s just as important to keep that system in top shape and replace it if need be. Otherwise, it won’t do a good job of keeping out the contaminants that make water unsafe for use. You’ll know you need to replace your water filter when:

1. A decrease in pressure

The first warning sign that your filter needs to be replaced is a decrease in water pressure. If the pressure is low, this is an indication that your water filter faucet is clogged up. Of course, you’d want to check other issues such as extensive leaking to ensure it is not the cause of the low pressure.

2. The external light

Another thing you can lookout for is the external light on the filter. Depending on your filter, it may have a light that indicates when you need a new filter or when your filter is not working as it should. This means you need to familiarize yourself with your filters whether you have a system for the whole house or you’re just using the water filter for the sink.

3. Odd noises

As you’re installing a water filter under sink, you may hear unusual sounds, especially from the drains of faucets. But these noises should cease. If they don’t, it may be that the installation was not done correctly. You need to correct it to get things running smoothly. But if the issue persists, it may be time to change the filter. Noises such as odd sucking noises are a huge indicator that something is not right.

4. Turbidity

Turbidity refers to the extent to which the water is cloudy when it comes from the water filter on faucet or the water filter for shower. It’s important to take note of how cloudy your water is after you install your filter. Place the water in a glass and check it near a source of light. This way, you’ll be able to tell when the water is too cloudy and replace the filter.

5. Bad tasting water

Water is not supposed to taste bad. This is why you installed a water filter system. However, if your filter is damaged or clogged, it may have issues doing its job well. Thus, you need to take note of how your water tastes. If it has a ‘funny’, salty or metallic taste, it is time to change that filter.


All in all, it doesn’t matter whichever filter you get from water-filter.com. The important thing is to take good care of the filter. You need to install it correctly and replace it whenever the need arises. This way, you’ll be assured of getting safe water from your water filter system.


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