Bathtub style- The things you should know


In designing our bathrooms, the style of the bathtub we choose has a role to play in the general outlook of our bathrooms.  Choosing the wrong bathtub style can mar the design of your bathroom.  Having the right bathtub can facilitate the relaxing effect of bathing in a bathtub.

In choosing the right kind of bathtub, knowing the different bathtub styles will go a long way in influencing your choice of bathtub

The different bathtub styles include,

  • Alcove bathtub style

Alcove bathtubs are often found in small homes and apartments. It is the most common bathtub style. Alcove bathtubs usually have an open end and three enclosed ends. These bathtubs conserve space and are often installed in conjunction with a shower.

  • Clawfoot

The claw-foot bathtub style is a freestanding bathtub that dates back to the 19th century but is still popular in modern times. It stands on four feet. The pleasant thing about the claw-foot bathtub style is that you can choose the type of feet that suits you.

  • Drop-in bathtub

Just like the alcove bathtub style, the drop-in bathtub conserves space. They are often dropped into a carved out space (like an alcove bathtub space) hence the name ‘drop-in’. Once placed in the carved out space, no sides of the bathtub will be visible. One distinct feature it has is its versatile design and the fact that it does not require much maintenance.

  • Angled freestanding bathtub style

This bathtub style is structured in a way that one of its ends is higher than the other. This supports the head and neck during baths. If you like the extra support for your head and neck during a bath, then you should consider this bathtub style for your bathroom.

  • Corner tubs

Corner tubs often placed in small bathrooms with little available space. They usually have a triangular rounded shape. Two of its sides are fixed along the wall leaving just one end opened. If you have a small bathroom with little space and you still want a bathtub, this is the perfect bathtub style for you.

  • Undermount tubs

Undermount bathtubs are just like the drop in bathtubs its distinctive feature is the presence of a deck that surrounds its rim. This is often designed with material that matches the floor or wall of the bathroom. This bathtub style, as well as the drop-in tubs, gives the bathroom a beautiful appearance, especially when designed with matching materials.

  • Oval tubs

Oval tubs are sweet relief from the conventionally shaped tubs. Its round and smooth surface give the elegant and aesthetic feel to your bathroom. Its contemporary style depicts modernity.

  • Japanese bathtub style

The Japanese would rather sit in their bathtub and allow the water to get up to their chin than lie down in a tub. This is an excellent way to enjoy a great soak.

Getting a new bathtub?

Are you renovating or getting a new house? Then you should check out these bathroom bathtub styles. In choosing the right bathtub style that suits you (for example freestanding bathtub), it is best to know the different bathtub styles so as to make an excellent choice.


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