Are Clear Bags Acceptable in the Workplace?


Clear bags are a trendy product these days. They are not only cute but they match any outfit you have on! But are they too casual for the workplace?

You will be surprised that a lot of women actually prefer using their clear bags even at work. They just love that it is more convenient than most bags and it actually helps them function easier because they easily find what they need.

So, if you are a proud owner of a clear bag, do not hesitate to bring it in the workplace. Clear bags for work are definitely a stylish and useful trend.

Clear bags are stylish enough for work

Clear bags come in different styles – you can have them as backpacks, handbags, purses, shoulder bags, and many more. Some may even look prettier than your usual office bag. In fact, major fashion brands such as Chanel also have their share of clear bag products. Some bags are a mix of materials such as the PVC being lined with leather and using leather straps. There’s definitely a lot of designs and style to choose from.

Go through security easily

Big companies have security checkpoints in their entrances. This is to ensure that nobody is bringing in firearms and other violent or dangerous material that could compromise the people in the building. Although security is essential, it can be an actual drag especially if you are running late. You have to fumble around because you need to open zippers and compartments,

Clear bags allow the security personnel to see what is in your bag with no problem at all – unless everything is inside a pouch of course. This may even cause personnel to just wave you in without having to ask you to open your bag.


Coffee is a must in the workplace. How many times have you tried spilling your coffee and drenching your items? Clear bags can save the dilemma. They are usually made out of PVC, which is a natural waterproof, sturdy, and elastic material. All you have to do is wipe the coffee off and everything is as good as new.

Since your bag is waterproof, you do not have to feel stuck in the office when you clocked out and find that it is raining outside. You can go on to your commute knowing that your things are at ease.

Offices are less formal now

Gone are the days of corporate suits and lifeless office interiors. With Google showing how fun and informal their offices are, a lot of businesses have followed suit. They have adopted a less serious and formal atmosphere, keeping the workplace a casual and more relaxed venue for their workers. Some have painted bright colors on their walls. Instead of desks and cubicles, people can sit anywhere they want or share tables. Some offices even have their own game rooms. Other offices also have adopted pets to cheer up everyone. This helps employees stress out less and actually look forward to going to work. With this being a trend, the way you dress or what bag you use does not really matter anymore. What matters is what you bring to the table to help the company succeed.


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