How to Select an Electric Skateboard


Electric skateboards are a must-have if you’re into skateboarding, and you like speed. The market has become quite popular over recent years as the innovation keeps being improved. Developers are introducing new e-skateboard models every day, which is excellent, but it becomes a bit hard to choose the best electric skateboard due to the many variations. In this extract, we discuss what factors to consider when selecting an electric skateboard.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Skateboard

1. Figure Out Why You Need It
It is essential to know what you’ll be using the board for. Do you plan to have fun? Or use it to move from one point to another, is it for use daily or just weekends?. After answering the questions, you can decide what capabilities you want on your e-board, and you’re able to narrow down on your choices.

2. Know Your Budget
Defining the amount of money you wish to spend is vital. There is a wide range of e-boards with different prices available in the market. Some electric skateboard brands and models can be costly, but the quality is good, while some companies, which focus on mass production, are high on quantity, giving low prices, but the quality is compromised. You should also note that not all expensive things are good quality. Planning your budget will help you choose a model in your range.

3. Size and Weight
Most people ignore this. Always check the weight of the board and ensure it can handle your weight. It must have the right load-carrying capacity. A heavy skateboard consumes more energy compared to a light one. There are times when you’ll be required to carry it like on a staircase, and it isn’t easy to do so if it’s heavy. Consider picking a light one if you need to carry it often. Longboards can be slightly harder to maneuver around with, but it depends on your preference.

4. Speed
The maximum speed is determined by the motor and should be listed on the website before buying. There are two types of electric skateboards based on the kind of motor. The belt drive is found in older boards and has higher torque, better acceleration, and regenerative brakes. The other is the in-wheel hub motor found in newer models and is very fast. Know your level of experience and determine the amount of speed suitable for you. Find out the speed limit in your country as some have set speed limits for skateboard users.

5. Waterproof or Water-Resistant
The skateboard should have well-sealed enclosures to protect the components inside from water. It might rain, or you end up riding in a pool of water, so you have to be careful considering most manufacturers don’t produce waterproof boards.

6. Warranty
With skateboards, wear and tear are very common due to the terrain they are exposed to. They are also prone to break down quickly, no matter the design. Go through the warranty and to understand what is covered and for how long.

Bottom Line

Shopping for an electric skateboard can be quite a task. Do your research, check out different stores or websites before settling on one. Note, the type of borad you will rest with is soley dependant on your taste and preference.




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