Tips to Consider When Wearing Custom Hats

a woman with Custom Hats

Choosing a hat that looks good matches with what you’re wearing might look easy. Surprisingly, most men have difficulty choosing a hat, and therefore, they don’t wear one at all. It is more difficult if your cap is not black and you need to cover your face from the sun.

However, if you have custom hats, it’s essential to match it with the right clothes for the relevant occasion. The good thing is, you can make your own custom embroidered hats. There are several ways to attach the patch depending on its types. Nonetheless, you need to know when and how to wear your hat once you’ve made it. Below is what to consider when wearing custom hats.

  • Fedora Hat

First, avoid wearing a fedora hat with a sweatshirt, jeans and or trainers. However, it matches best with a tailored shirt and trousers. Choose a hat that fits your head perfectly but considers a smaller hat if you want to wear it slightly falling backward.

Choose your patch from the many custom patches online that matches with your style and clothing. So if you’re wearing a turquoise shirt, avoid a hat with a red patch.

  • The Beanie

Create the beanie hat that you’ll be wearing on your next fishing vacation you’re about to take. Also, if you’re an actor and there is a scene that involves fishing, try a beanie hat with a custom patch. You can create your hat line of customized beanie hats.

 Custom Hats

 The good thing is, sewing patches on hats is easy, but if you’re not able to, hire a professional or order a ready embroidered hat. Also, you can wear the hat when attending your classes.

  • Bucket Hats

Have you seen Justin Bieber wearing a bucket hat? Well, a bucket hat is for the bold. It was initially used to cover the neck during the Vietnam wars but was invented in the 1900s. So, if you’re looking for custom hats that will highlight your style along with protecting you from the sun, choose a bucket hat. However, choose a custom embroidered hat that invites attention casually.

  • Baseball Cap

The baseball cap was initially worn by baseball players to protect them from the sun. Most celebrities wear a baseball cap to either hide their faces from paparazzi cameras or to style it with their clothes. There are many cool patches for hats you can choose from that you can embroider on your baseball cap.

The advantage of having a baseball cap is you can wear it with any clothing. Also, it’s ideal for women too.

Custom Hat
  • Choosing the Right Size of the Patch

The size of the patch on your hat depends on your style, design, and where the patch will be placed. However, ask your supplier for advice if he deals with ready embroidered hats.

 Take Away To avoid the shame of mismatching your hat with clothing, research on the type of hats to wear on different occasions. However, try your style, and if you look good in the mirror, go ahead and show yourself to the world. Also, consider buying custom hats that fit correctly on your head otherwise you risk looking like you borrowed the cap.


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