Garden Hose Reels: A Concise Buying Guide


Do you want to water your gardens more effectively? Then you need a water hose. It helps to spread the water from the source to all corners of your garden effectively. However, it’s not enough to buy a hose. You need garden hose reels to store them effectively.

For those who have no idea of what it looks like, garden hose reels are circular items made of plastic and metal. They are used to store hoses for easy assembly and protect them from external damaging factors.

Now, you may be finding it hard to buy good garden hose reels, as there are several varieties in the marketplace. However, this article will give you tips on what to look out for when making your choice.


What to look out for when buying garden hose reels?

1. Weight and comfort

The first thing you should consider when buying garden hose reels is its weight and comfort. Does it weigh down my arm? Is it comfortable to use?

If the size is too large, you may find it hard trying to drag it across your yard. If your yard is small, you can comfortably work with a handheld or wall mounted hose reel. But if you have large yard space, you should go for a free-standing retractable one.

This way, you’re able to manage it for long periods.

2. Length of your yard space

This is the most important factor to look out for, and it’s closely related to the first. Your garden size determines the length of the hose, and this determines how big or small the garden hose reel should be.

Accurately measure the size of the garden before making a purchase. If possible, hire an expert to take these measurements for you and help you to find the best product. Don’t take little things for granted. You may make a mistake in your analysis and report that could cost millions.

3. What is the diameter?

When choosing the best garden hose reel, look out for the diameter. Ask yourself, “what pressure of water do I want this hose to provide?”

The pressure used for a small plant garden isn’t going to be the same for a large commercial lawn (or for even washing your car).

Find out what you want and buy the right diameter size.

4. Life-span

Any product you buy should have a long lifespan. This ensures that you get value for your money.

When searching for garden hose reels to buy, look for durable products. If you plan on leaving it outside, ensure that it can withstand adverse weather changes.

If it’s a steel product, ensure that it’s coated with non-rusting substances to protect it from harmful substances.

5. Additional items

Most products come with additional accessories. These accessories help to make usage easier and bring more comfort. Different products have their specific additional accessory.

If you want these accessories, ensure that the product you’re purchasing has them. It depends on your needs as the user and the size of the garden.


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