Top 5 Lolita Fashion Shoes That You Can Wear

Lolita fashion shoes
Lolita fashion shoes

Though Lolita Japanese fashion draws thousands of people to the trend, it remains one of the most difficult looks to pull off. With a list of dos and don’ts to follow, being a Lolita girl is not easy. One of the elements that are micromanaged is the kind of Lolita shoes that are allowed. However to get you started, here is a list of Lolita fashion shoes that you can wear as a Lolita girl.  

  1. Mary Janes Lolita Fashion Shoes

Mary Jane’s are an acceptable classic Lolita shoe style that you can wear with almost any Lolita style. These classic muffin shoes have a rounded head and give off a soft, delicate look. However,  to give it an extra oomph factor, the most popular Mary Jane has a lace trim that gives it an extremely princess feel that coordinates well with classic Lolita look.

Lolita fashion shoes
  • Tea Party Lolita Fashion Shoes

For those who are in love with heels in their everyday life, switching to Lolita fashion doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice this style for good. Catering for heel lovers is the Lola shoes popularly known as Tea party fashion shoes. With similar designs to the classic Mary Jane’s, the delicate feature is still a continuing theme in this Lolita shoe style. However, additional decorations are included in this style which includes flowers or bow ties at the top.

Lolita fashion shoes
  • Platform Lolita Fashion Shoes

For those who need an extra height boost and like towering in the sky, platform shoes are a Lolita style shoe that you consider. Unlike everyday platform shoes, this has been designed to give off a student style look. The most noteworthy aspect is the vintage vibe that it gives off. However, for an added oomph feature, the platform shoes are usually integrated with a low top lace feature.

Lolita fashion shoes
  • Wedge Lolita Fashion Shoes

Another towering shoe that makes it into the list of acceptable Harajuku shoes is the wedge.  Just like the platform shoe, it gives added height. However, it also gives the feel of a heel without the unnecessary unbalance that comes with it. The Lolita wedge shoe has incorporated a student feature design hence giving off that childlike sort after aura. These Harajuku shoes come in matt, glossy, velvet and canvas material thus catering to different tastes and preference.  

Lolita fashion shoes
  • Gothic Lolita Fashion Shoes

Finally to cater to the taste and design of those who want to showcase a dark and mysterious style is the gothic shoes. Largely available in black, the most common model has a cross devil design at the front with an angel wing design at the back. Also coming in a variety of materials like velvet, glossy, velvet and canvas, showcasing your taste in this shoe style is possible.

Lolita fashion shoes


Though stilettos, sports shoes, and the likes are unacceptable Lolita fashion shoes, this doesn’t mean that you have to persevere wearing one kind of shoe throughout. As seen in the list above, there are various Lolita shoe styles that you can choose to wear to look good while being able to showcase your uniqueness.


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