Common Mistakes Made While Shopping for Jewelry


Nice and pretty jewellery such as those from ineffabless enhance your overall look. Despite knowing the basic styling rules, matching your outfit with the right type of jewellery tends to be complicated. Over-accessorizing takes away the shine and beauty and makes you look tacky. Most people have no idea of taking care of jewellery, let alone choosing the right piece. In this extract, we discuss the common jewellery mistakes made and how to avoid them.

Jewellery Mistakes Made and How to Avoid Them

People have scarce information about jewellery regarding taking care of them, styling to match your skin tone and clothes, and protection. Some pieces are costly; its best to spend money on something right.

1. Improper Cleaning or Not at all

Accessories that are worn daily harbour so many germs that might irritate your skin. Dirt and grime accumulate over time, causing them to tarnish. Every few weeks, you should clean the jewellery depending on the metal used. Some like precious pearls need particular cleaning procedure. Others require a gentle wash with soap and water, while others need to remove tough grime and tarnish. A clean piece will make you look and feel beautiful.

2. Poor Storage

Storing your jewellery well in the right place ensures it remains intact and in good condition. When left in the open some metals, are affected by humidity and free-flowing air, causing them to tarnish quickly. Placing all jewels in one place makes them rub against each other forming scratches.

Use a jewellery box with separate sections to limit airflow, tangling and scratching. Hang your necklaces and chains on a tree or hooks, but you have to dust them regularly.

3. Selecting the Wrong Necklace for Your Neckline

Try on various styles of necklaces like long, short, big and small ones. They not only enhance your outfits but also emphasize different body parts. Wear a short-chain if your neck is long and a long one to accentuate your collar bones.

4. Wearing too Many Pieces

Having a lot of jewellery portrays a form of imbalance. Your outfit should be enhanced by them and not overpowered. Distribute the accessories throughout the body rather than stacking them up in one place. Wearing multiple chains with different designs and colours isn’t beautiful. Choose a single statement piece or a chain with a big pendant. Don’t wear a watch and bracelets on the same hand.

5. Buying Ill-Fitting Jewelry

 It’s important to know what jewellery size is good for you, the colour and shade too. Get pieces that are customized according to your fit. Buy extenders that allow you to lengthen a specific part when needed. Your skin’s tone should guide you to choose the right jewellery. Warm tones go well with yellow-toned metals like gold. Cool tones match with light coloured metals, while whites and yellow metals are ideal for neutral tones.

6. Not Dressing as Per the Occasion

Wearing the wrong piece of jewellery on the wrong occasion invites unnecessary stares. For an office meeting, wear minimal accessories like a watch and simple studs. For a wedding, pull out your statement pieces and rock them. Choose bright colours depending on the outfit unless you were given a dress code. Whatever you wear should be carefully picked to avoid any embarrassments.


Avoiding the mistakes above will improve your fashion style and appearance. Wear jewellery with confidence and bring beauty to your outfit. Follow proper maintenance tips and care for lovely pieces, and to extend their life span.


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