Water Hose Reel Shopping Tips


The water hose reel is now in demand when it comes to home gardening and lawn needs. They are more efficient since you do not have to worry anymore about storing them properly or where to place them. You can easily just mount a retractable water hose reel system on a wall and you are good to go. This makes outdoor cleaning chores a whole lot better!

But how do you pick the best retractable water hose reel system and how would you know which one is best for you? Here is a quick list of the major factors that you should consider when you are comparing your options:

Method of retraction

The main selling point of a retractable water hose reel system is the fact that it does retract when not in use, limiting the effort you have to do to finish up your outdoor chores. There are two types of retraction available: automatic and manual.

The automatic system is more expensive but it is also more convenient. The garden hose will be retracted with just a push of the button or a slight tug. So basically, you just have to drain out the excess water before it gets retracted automatically.

The manual system is cheaper but requires effort on your part since you have to reel in the hose to the system’s storage unit by hand. This is not such a big deal if you are using a short hose length but for bigger areas, this could be as tiring as coiling a water hose by hand.

Size and length

The size of the hose will determine the amount of water and pressure it can deliver. If you want pressurized water, you should go for a hose with a smaller diameter. You should also measure your area first before making a purchase so that you can determine how much length you should go for. Of course the longer the house, the more expensive it be.


The cheapest hose material is those made mostly out of plastic or vinyl. They are lighter and easier to maneuver but they are more prone to leaks and splits – especially if you use them around rough terrain.

The most durable hose material is rubber. However, you should know that hoses made out of rubber are heavier, harder to handle, and definitely more expensive.

To get the best of both, try to look for a water hose reel made out of a hybrid material that has both vinyl and rubber elements.


Of course, your budget will matter when it comes to shopping for the best water hose reel. The cheaper retractable water hose systems can be bought at around $30, depending on the length. The high-end models can be bought at $150 above, depending on the quality and length.

Get Your Own Water Hose Reel

This quick guide gives you basic knowledge on how to pick out a great water hose reel for your needs. With this knowledge, we are confident that you will be able to make an informed decision and not regret it.


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