Your Ultimate Guide to Non-Adhesive Window Film


Whether you want to privatize your windows or reduce sunlight and increase privacy, dark tinted window films are always a great resolution for homes and commercial areas. We are experts in window filming and tinting. We, therefore, have the knowledge you need when it comes to choosing high-quality window films for various applications. But what does it take to purchase the right one? What is the definition of a non-adhesive window film? Just how much is the installation process? These and more will be discussed in this blog post. Use our guideline to make a viable decision when purchasing window privacy film. Let us discuss various types of window films.

Types of Window Films

Non-Adhesive Window Film

As we have discussed in the first paragraph, if you want to improve the privacy of your home, you should purchase a window film. It can do everything, including saving on cooling costs and increasing your privacy without having to block the light just like curtains do most of the time. Here are the top best types of window films:

  • Glare Reduction Window Films- anti-glare window films refer to a unique type of sun controlled film that assists in eliminating a certain amount of sunlight while allowing natural light to penetrate through. Compared to conventional solutions such as blinds and screens, anti-glare window films are more economical and cost-effective. They are as well simple to maintain since they cannot obstruct your view from inside the house.
  • Decorative Films– dare to create light-illuminated rooms that easily shield you from your neighbors as well as passersby through this home window film. You can install it in any room in your house. Since our collection is removable window films, you can pull it off the windows whenever you want to. This implies that it is ideal for homeowners and business professionals with commercial space. Besides, our waterproof and frosted film window is beautiful in bathrooms. There, it mimics glass that can cost up to 10 times as much. It is also eco-friendly and definitely a must-have for green-minded individuals. When you buy this decorative window film, you evidently decrease heating as well as cooling bills by up to 10 percent. This is a move towards helping you to guard window cracks.
Non-Adhesive Window Film
  • Anti-graffiti– anti-graffiti window films are used in protecting glass as well as other surfaces from graffiti. The storefront glass is one of the most common targets for vandalism. Therefore, anti-graffiti window films defend against scratching, paint, acid, as well as dents and etching. Graffiti film is usually installed like solar window films. It is easily removable, particularly in case it gets tagged. And just as the solar decorative, graffiti prevention offers up to 90 percent ultraviolet rejection while protecting it from fading.
  • Metal Films– a metallic window tint is a select type of tinting that you may use for your windows. The film can be used to tint windows in buildings. But the technique is ideal for car windows because it has a thin film coated with a thin layer of various metallic particles.  
Non-Adhesive Window Film


Homeowners are looking for various ways to improve the rate of energy efficiency in their homes. The green building techniques are growing in popularity, with the tinted window option being the most prominent. In this article, we have discussed the most important factors to check out when shopping for a tinted window, not just for your home but for cars.  

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