How to Maintain a Pest-Free Office


Your office is a place that should not only exude professionalism but also cleanliness and tidiness. Imagine entertaining a client and a mice passes by or a roach starts crawling on their arm. Do you think that the client will come back and do business with you? Chances are very slim. Having pests around does not only cause your clients to run away from your business but it also affects your concentration and productivity. This is why it is important that you deal with pests right away and ensure that they stay away.

Pests to look out for

Here is a list of the most common pest problems most offices have:

  • Rodents

If you see rodents in your office, expect some damages. They gnaw on almost anything—even electrical wires. They are not shy too. You can see them dashing from one corner to another with no shame. The worst part about is that rats and mice multiply quickly—you can get a rodent infestation in a matter of weeks. Their feces, urine, and dead skin flakes can trigger a lot of illnesses like asthma and Salmonella.

  • Cockroaches

These roaches do not only feed on leftover food by humans. They also consume paper, paste, glue, and even the wallpaper. Roaches are virus carriers and they have pathogens and microbes that have the potential to harm your health. They have a secretion that smells and contaminates food and this secretion can also trigger asthma, allergies, and gastroenteritis.

  • Bed Bugs

Just because they are called “bed bugs” does not mean that they can only be found under your beds and mattresses. You have no idea how many retail stores, offices, and banks have had bed bug infestations. Although they do not pose as a relevant risk to your office materials and the integrity of your building, they do feed off people’s blood. The fact that they multiply at speedy and high rates would mean you have to deal with it immediately.

an office in a mess
  • Flies and ants

These may be the common pests but they can be very annoying and hard to handle when they turn into an infestation. The common causes are food which is why it is best to have a designated eating area in the office so that they do not find their way on your desks.

How to deal with pests

Here is a list of general pest control solutions that you can do to fix the situation:

  • Spot the problem areas. Identify which areas the pests are seen most often and spend more time and attention cleaning out these areas. Common problem areas are trashcans, kitchens, and stockrooms. If you have a cleaning staff, ask them to move the furniture around to make sure that there are no nests.
  • Cover up. Pests do not only come in through the door and the windows but also through holes and cracks in the walls. Check your building and try to fill the cracks and holes that can harbor pests.
  • Stay tidy. Sometimes the best solution is to just eliminate all forms of clutter. This will not only keep pests away but will also make you and your officemates become more productive. Arrange your paperwork and keep them in your drawers or filing cabinets. Never bring food on your desks and make sure that you use an anti-spill tumbler for your coffee.
  • Invest in an electronic pest control device(Click here to get one insect repeller). This is one effortless way to keep the pests away. You can find a lot of ultrasonic pest repellers in the market. All you have to do is plug them in and they will emit high-frequency sounds waves that irritate pests but are inaudible to humans. These electronic pest control devices are energy-efficient so you do not even have to worry about the electric bill.

Now you might think, why should I be concerned? It’s the company’s responsibility. These pests can easily hitch a ride home with you and invade your home next. If you do not care about pests roving around your workplace you will think differently when you find out that you brought them home. So it pays to be proactive when it comes to maintaining a pest-free work environment.



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